Sita on 35mm RIGHT NOW in San Francisco

Come see Sita tonight! On 35mm! She’s a having multi-day theatrical run right now in San Francisco (Red Vic Theater).

Also on digibeta in Vancouver (VanCity Theater). Support your local cinema!

Click here to find lots more Sita screenings.

2 comments to Sita on 35mm RIGHT NOW in San Francisco

  • pat

    Cool. Since it’s only a 5 day run, I made a few flyers for this and posted them around the Academy of Art animation building and hopefully a few more people might come.

  • Hi, Nina- I’m Jay Martin’s partner, Elizabeth- we met briefly while you were here screening parts of Sita, about two years ago, I think?
    I and my friend Alexis(who must be your biggest fan) saw it last night at the Red Vic. It was gorgeous…I kept exclaiming over the shapes and colors. The audience was murmuring appreciatively and laughing- lots of love in the room…the explanations offered by the shadow puppets were high-larious…gush, gush, gush.
    It’s such a beautiful work, all of it, and I really enjoyed watching it.

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