Ravana shirt design

Ravana, by request. It’s a 3-color design (green, white, and metallic gold), neither super-cheap nor super-pricey. Thoughts?



6 comments to Ravana shirt design

  • i would love one in a small…let me know how much and where to send you the loot. Love it! Congrats on the global accolades…you deserve it, lady!

  • That is so very AWESOME.

    In somewhat related news, I got to see Sita on the big screen a week ago, at the Red Vic Movie House in San Francisco.

    It was great to see and hear in on the big screen, and sit in an audience in the dark. I hope that lots more people get to see it like that.

  • greg

    instant winner. it looks great.

  • Nivedita Chandrappa

    I feel the green may turn out to be kinda pale on black background? maybe a touch of safron should do?

  • gal17

    amazing t-shirts congrats gal ur designs hav worked!!

  • Hi,

    I simply love this design. Can I please use this design for my article on polycephaly (multiheaded humans and animals)? We can provide a note below the image that the copyright belongs to you. Please mail me if you have more questions.

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