Why I hate T-Mobile

The following report has nothing to do with art, film, or copyright, or anything else I care about. I’m just publishing it on my blog because there’s not much else I can do about it.


Last month T-Mobile charged me about $280 over my rate plan. When I called, the Customer Service Representative (CSR) said I should have used the web site to check my minutes. There was nothing they could do now, she said.

So paid the $369.11 bill, then went to the web site and changed my plan. Last week I got a bill with $105 in extra fees. I called today, explained I’d changed my plan after talking to the CSR, and could they resolve the excess charges. No, they said, because I should have changed it by phone. I shouldn’t have used the web site. Didn’t I see the little notice on the web site saying changes wouldn’t go into effect for another month? I told them the CSR didn’t tell me I’d be penalized for using the web site. There was nothing they could do now, they said.

I asked to speak to my CSR’s supervisor. “Guy” confirmed the records showed I had indeed changed my plan online shortly after speaking with a CSR. After much pleading on my part, told me he’d split the $105 with me. I asked to speak to his boss. “If you do, I can’t guarantee my offer.”

His boss informed me there was nothing he could do, there was no way to resolve the charges, I was responsible for them because I’d changed my plan online, and I should be responsible. He said the online service was for my convenience. I said a $105 charge wasn’t convenient.  He reminded me that I could have gotten $52.50 in credit had I only accepted Guy’s offer, but now there was nothing he could do.

A CSR the previous month told me to use the web site, that my huge bill was the result of my failure to use the web site. The CSRs this month told me my huge bill was the result of my using the same web site.

T-Mobile seems to find any reason to overcharge, and no recourse for resolving problems, even when a customer genuinely wants to, and clearly makes efforts to do so. They really seem to want customers to be unable to change their plans, so they can keep charging for extra minutes. I did what they said, and they still overcharged me, blaming me for using the same web service they blamed me for not using the previous month.

There’s nothing they can do, their hands are tied, they’re helpless to help me (except Guy was briefly given miraculous powers to offer me $52.50 for a few minutes, but these powers were just as mysteriously lost when I spoke with his superior). I sure know what helpless feels like – I’ve been overbilled $375 now, after doing what the CSRs told me to do.

All I can do now is write about it.

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  • eva

    I hate Т- mobile They blocked my phone on my birthday because I used text messages limit for the month and I ve never got any of my messages from that day And now they blocked my phone number and gave me temporary I made request to return it a week ago and every new representative just saying – waite for 24 hours Nothing happening It ruined a lot of busyness and personal plans

  • iris

    T-mobile is the worst company in the world. I pray to baby Jesus they go under soon.

  • Clifton Pepper

    This is the second time in 12 months that T-mobile has erased all of the controls on my Family Allowances plan. As a result, I got $100 in overage charges. T-mobile refuses to admit their mistake. I am locked in for an additional 12 months of crappy coverage and piss poor customer service.

  • Glenn Adams

    I got my 1st phone from them when they were called Powertel then they changed it to Airtouch and now they are T-Mobile I was with them back in the 90s and they had wonderful customer Service and they just plain suck I am not going to sit here and bore everyone with the many ways they have screwed me over but something I find funny is I made a feature change in 2007 and now their computers says I have been with them since 07 & not the 90s when I was. Now I don’t now who to go with I had a work phone thru Verizon and the coverage was great and the customer service but that was a long time ago so thane there is AT&T but they will probably merge with mobile so I leave Mobile and they merge and the customer service at at&t will get real bad so that leaves sprint/nextel now I know plenty of people with art and sprint and they get dropped calls all the time, ahhh what to do what to do.

  • vanessa

    I have been a loyal t-mobile customer for TEN YEARS!! When i lost my new phone they basically told me to shove it!!

    They have also been STEALING from me for the last 6 months by charging me a $5 service fee that i canceled.

    When i lost my phone they told me i didnt have insurance which i did!

    Each and every time i called i landed in a foreign call center where NOBODY spoke or understood me very well, and when i asked for a supervisor they “transferred” me to some guy who still didnt know what he was talking about!


  • Jerry

    T mobile is horrible, their reps lie through their teeth and the supervisors back them up. Horrible, horrible company.

  • Everyone,

    Please see my petition at Change.Org. T-Mobile and their President Phillip Humm are the target. My MISSION IS TO CONTROL CELL PHONE COMANIES FROM ABUSING PEOPLE.


  • J

    I hate T Mobile because they out and out lie and give you the run around, then tell you the time frame for returning the equipment expired. We shipped the broken equipment back to them (using the packaging slip they provided) and it was sent back (UPS tracking numbers confirm the shipments) then sent countless of HOURS on the phone with them request additional package labels to try to return the phone again. And funny how we always got to a certain point in the conversation and then the phone calls were dropped. They we were out and out lied to and told the labels would be sent and never were. in the end we were told time had expired and the service would be cut off until the payment was made purchasing the second phone.
    I never dealt with a company with such poor service, and bad practices. T Mobile should not be allowed to do business in the US, their call centers will not even take in coming calls from US.

  • joe

    T-mobile – The worst and mean customer care. They try not to convey any messages and charge you ridiculous amount. They were sending texts to my son who is not not an authorized accoun holder. They did not send any emails bill link or paper copy, even after notifying them. Eventually i started getting bill and T-mobile act like they do not know anything about the history except for the charges. I am cursing the moment I fell for t-mobile.

  • Chris

    My wifes grandmother was turning 100 years old back in October. My father in law sent us the tickets since we couldn’t afford to participate. Before leaving I called T-mobile to see if they had anything I could put on my cell phone incase of an emergency I needed to contact family back home, but didn’t want to get hit with roaming charges. the girl I talked to over sea’s said they had a plan where as long as i didnt call, text or send an email i wouldn’t get hit with roaming charges. So while in brazil i took pictures and movies with phone and let my kids play games on it that are downloaded to the phone already so need for roaming. The phoen was in air plane about 95% of the time. when i got home they hit me with a 7000 dollar bill telling me to put up and shut up. I called they were not help. i filled an compliant with fcc and it did nothing. Now I’m in the process of thinking about what my next step should be. In the mean time there collections are now hounding me. Good God its time the states and feds start regulating these companies set up customer protections for the people whp use thier service.

  • Ankur singh

    I hate t mobile. I have gone through 4 hand sets all of which dont work. Everytime i am being charged 20 to pay even thoguh this stupid jackass company sents faulty handsets. I signed a contrat and paymy bill. Why do i gets substandard service

  • Michael Isham

    I can’t believe that T-Mobile’s customer care was rated excellent some years past: they are TERRIBLE!! Because my cell phone died last summer, I called and renewed my contract for two more years. During the billing cycle I found that T-Mobile was charging me $4.95 per month for cell phone insurance, something that I never requested. After a nearly futile exchange with “Customer Service”, who insisted that I had requested this insurance, they finally agreed to drop the insurance and rebate the previous charges.

    Guess what; next month’s billing included no rebate AND the insurance continued. Round two! Customer “service” went through a second round of “But you requested this insurance.” After much more of my time (I insist that I’m not hanging up until I my requests have been granted). They eventually agreed to refund past months and drop the insurance.

    Round three: next month’s bill does not include the insurance; however, there is no rebate of past charges. The next customer “service” agent informed me that my record indicated that the rebate HAD been granted by the previous agent, but that T-Mobile management overturned this decision (what an image-enhancing move!). After arguing for over 40 minutes with a supervisor, the rebate was again granted, and eventually provided. However, what agony in getting this far!

    Since my wife does not text and because unsolicited business-related text messages were still coming through, I called T=Mobile on January 3 to request that ALL text messages be blocked on her phone. Guess what, they blocked them on my phone. Today (January 20), Customer “service” insisted that I requested that the block was to be installed on her phone (the customer is always wrong AND stupid, you know!). They agreed to refund the costs of the texts that came through on her phone, but insisted that I would have to call back again next month because the current billing cycle wasn’t yet complete!!


  • Lisa AlarconEI


  • JJS

    If there is anyone out there has the means to give me a public forum to accuse tmobile publicly, i would be more than ready to do so because they have stepped over the line for the last time. tmobile went into my account and took over 500 hundred dollars, then tried to tell me they have the right to do so when they see fit, luckily my bank refunded my money.
    feel free to contact me through my email.

  • Brad A

    We have been with Tmobile for 8 years, and in the last couple of years, customer service has gone downhill. Our house has become a deadzone, and I called them today to complain, and they offered me a signal booster, but that would extend my contract for 2 years. It is outrageous that they would need me to extend my contract just to get a working phone. Because we have 3 phones on the account, it would cost 600 bucks to cancel. A good company would not need to lock in customers with a 2 year contract for every change in an account. It used to be you could increase or decrease your minutes without any penalty.

  • I went to the kiosk at the mall today to talk to t-moble. One of the people there just acted like was not even there after getting a wiff of my complaint. later he and another employee hid in a nearby store when it looked like I was going to yell and I had already started to cry about the fact that I have been charged about 235.00 dollars a month for 500 minutes.That was the good news after paying that for 2 months,plusoverage chargesof 105.00 dollarsI quit doing that. When I realized that I had oatmeal and chili 3 times a day to squeeze mo9ney out of my grocery budget to give the money I said enough. When I called to talk to t-mobile about my bill they said that I had changed my plan and i was stuck for another 2 years. Every time I try to resolve the problems I have with them since three after I signed a contract it just gets worse. To make a very long story shorter I now have a bill for 678.00 dollars for the last three months but have no service for 2 months.Also it will cost me 1000.00 dollars to cancel the whole f-ing thing.

  • Connor

    I’ve been with T-mobile a long time and they always have had great customer service, but recently, they’re customer service has gone down the drain! They also post a map of their coverage on their site that has to be inaccurate. It says I should have “good” coverage in my home but I have to make calls and use the internet with my wifi or it will drop the calls or tell me the internet is unavailable. I’m so sick of this company and their incredibly poor service. Because of my job, I get a discount with Verizon on my monthly bill and will be switching in just a few months when my contract is up if I don’t get fed up enough to cancel early!

  • Michael

    My phone was stolen just after I purchased 1000 prepaid minutes for a year. I called to freeze the account and they told me to just call them back when I got a new phone. They did not mention anything else. I called them back after I purchased a new phone. They told me that since more than 30 days had passed my account was deactivated and could not get any minutes back at all. I told the rep that I was not told any of this when I froze my account and that I had purchased the minutes for a year so they should still be valid. He then promised me that if I went into a T-mobile store with 2 IDs, they would be able to transfer my phone number and minutes. He said that he would work it out and put the information in my account. I got my 2 infant children ready and traveled (an hour) to the store. At the store they looked at me as if I were crazy. I called back customer service and they told me again that they could do nothing. I asked them if there was anything they could do to try to make amends a customer who had been deceieved by T-mobile represenatives and was clearly upset. Even the smallest gesture like a $10 discount would have been something. I wanted to simply see some sign of concern for their customers, but unfortunately there was none. This is a business where customer service is critical and they refused to offer any semblance of customer service. I guess it is not surprising that they just announce that they are closing call centers and cutting a few thousand jobs. It is nice to have a company that offers prepaid minutes for users of unlocked phones. I wish they had better service and honest representatives. Any recommended alternatives?

  • I Really hate T-mobile the Motherfuckers have given me the run around for the last time. My husband and I went to T-Mobile about 8 months ago a got me a Galaxy S 4G phone. But for the Past Month I have had so ment problems with it can’t take it off the Charger any more nor does my A.P. work and once you hang it up it takes 25 to 30 mins just to come back on.. So when I called t-mobile about it….. GET THIS SHIT…. Well Mrs.Dupre we can not help you sorry but you will have to buy another Phone because you must have done something to it yourself Mrs.Dupre so when would you like to order a new phone? WTF REALLY PEOPLE.. Trust me it was really bad by the time I got off the phone with these Bitches Well just put it this way I told them I no longer with to have t-mobile anymore so I told them to Suck my Dick and Kiss my Ass and that I would be going to every News Station that we have here in New Orleans.. Does anyone agree with me????

  • mk

    I originally chose T-mobile because of their customer service. After having tried Verizon and Sprint, I figured T-mobile’s customer service couldn’t be any worse. T-mobile’s coverage is spotty outside NYC and I’ve had many dropped calls, but I figured the tradeoff was the customer service. During my 2 year contract, I’ve had minimal issues and their service was better than par. HOWEVER, my contract has ended and I went to Best Buy to change my service over to Sprint (I had it with the lackluster performance), I didn’t have my account number with me. So I called T-mobile (611) customer service to ask for it. After verifying that it was actually ME, the accountholder, the rep kept dodging my questions. This is exactly how it went:

    ME: I need my account number, I don’t have my bill on me and I need it to port my numbers and change carriers.
    REP: Oh why are you changing?
    ME: I just need better performance and also, I want to try out another carrier. So can I have the number, I’m holding up some people here.
    REP: But sir, can you explain to me again why you want to change.
    ME: I just told you, T-Mobile doesn’t have good coverage where I live and I want to change. Can I have my number.
    REP: Sure, but is this the ACTUAL ACCOUNT HOLDER (emphasis added from tone of voice)
    ME: Uh, yeah it is, I’m calling from my cell and i just gave you all my info.
    REP: But sir, can I please have you consider T-Mobile for renewal.
    ME: No, please just give me my account number.
    REP: Ok sure, XXXXXXXXXXXXXX (fast)
    ME: Sorry, can you go slower I didn’t get all that.
    REP: XXX XXX XXX XXX, I just want to let you know, although your contract has ended, since you continued to use the phone, you will be charged for the entire billing cycle.
    ME: What? I called last week and the rep told me that I would be charged pro-rata for the time I use the service after my contract date passes.
    REP: I’m sorry. You will be charged, but you can continue to use the phone until the end of the cycle.
    ME: OK, when is the end of the cycle?
    REP: the 20th of next month.
    ME: So do I need to come back and change my service on that exact date or what? how does this work?
    REP: Well you can, but you may be charged the $50 termination fee.
    ME: (HANG UP)

    What a crock of $hit. All these carriers are crooks, and since they’re so large and powerful, no ‘consumer watchdog’ bureau or any government program will protect consumers. What a scam.

  • Thuy

    I hate T-Mobile so much. I have the stupid samsung galaxy s and the phone keeps messing up. Every time I call they don’t help at all. I REALLY REALLY HATE T MOBILE. The service sucks and the stupid service represenatives suck too. EVERYTHING ABOUT T MOBILE SUCKS. IF you are thinking about going with T Mobile don’t do it. THEY SUCK!

  • Misha

    Go this site and make your complain

  • Mildred


    I contacted T-mobile on July 2nd to inquire about my bill…after the representative finishined helping me, she told me that she noticed that I made some international calls and wanted to offer me a plan for $15 that would give me unlimited calling to any landline in the world. I told her that I already had an international plan…it is $5 discounted international calling and $5 unlimited international texting. She confirmed that I had that but said the plan she was referring to was better, it offered me unlimited calling to any landline in the world for just $15 per month. I thought it was too good to be true, so I told her that I called 2 countries, Zimbabwe and South Africa mostly, I asked her to check if those countries were included in the unlimited free international calling – she put me on hold, checked and confirmed. I asked her if she was sure, she said she was. I then authorized her to change my plan to this new plan. The next day, I called a friend in New York who is also on t-mobile and told her about this great plan and advised her to add it. She told me it was a scam! She said t-mobile told her the same lies and later billed her $500 for making international landline calls. She told me to call them and verify. To my utter shock, the calls that I had made to my mother’s house number in Zimbabwe that day had already been charged to my account. They had charged me for the calls and refused for hours to remove the charges!
    Why would I change from a $5 plan to a $15 plan that would give me the same benefit? They fought me about it on the phone and NOW refuse to let me have the $5 plan back. I had to speak to several people, was on hold for ages and spent over an hour on the phone trying to get my money back from these people. I have been in business with them since 2003 – but it is shocking that their reps would sell plans to customers that do not exist. This business practice is unethical. I believe they can get away with this because there are $200 penalties for cancelling contracts. They tricked me for an additional $10 per month. Shocking. Now I have spoken to 6 reps and each one tells me something different..some say it is included, some say it is not…they have NO idea what they are doing…which is it…REALLY?
    T-mobile is either a ponzi scheme or their reps need training. My other lines have the discounted $5 plan…I want my discounted $5 plan back. They tricked me into changing it and now claim that the $5 plan I had a few days ago and still have on my other line is now $10….this is unethical!

    I want them to train their reps so that customers are not deceived in this manner. I want them to restore my $5 international discount calling plan back, to stop lying to customers and to apologize!

  • liz

    I paid Tmobile $150.00 on the7/2/12 and they cant find my payment so they sent me to Walmart,to show my bank statment so I went last Thursday that didnt fix it so now for the 10th phone call I have been on hold for 37 min and counting…all I want is to fax my bank statement but they refuse to give me a fax # WTF they keep texting saying they are going to turn off my line …I hate Tmobile

  • sara

    I hate T mobeil, we’ve had them for years and never had service at my mother’s house nor my in-laws. We crazily got a data plan last year and they set up the wrong phone (we have 5 family lines with them) we called and said they needed to connect my daughter so they did, but didn’t take the data plan off the dinasaur of a phone they had mistakenly set up. It took 6 months to fix this overcharge, they refunded 2 months and told me I have to write and plead my case to “corporate” to have them refund the remaining 80 dollars. (When we set up the data plan they did not EXPLAIN that it would cost me $1000 dollars to get out of the plan — even though 3 of the 5 phones don’t have data plans and had “timed out” for their rolling contracts…) I HATE T-MOBILe.

  • Matt

    Well.. Like all others on this blog – I HATE T-Mobile.

    Was a loyal customer for about 10 years, never had a late payment.. Recently my phone quit working so I called to see what they could do to help.. Lets just say they couldn’t do anything. I had about 4 months left on my contract which I wanted out of anyway.. They told me the only thing I could do was to buy a new phone to get me though my contract.. I decided to cancel ($100) my plan and just be done with this bottom feeding, knuckle dragging, dirt eating, no good criminal phone service.. Anyway, I wanted them to release my phone number so I could take it to another carrier.. NOT SO FAST! Apparently, since I was cancelling my service they were going to hold my number until the contract was up.. The ‘Loyalty Representative’ said it was an incentive to keep customers.. Well F you. I’ll take another number at your competitor. Such a scam.. I’m sure they are really no different than other phone companies, BUT I will never use any of their services and will always insist that others do the same. Oh, and 4G… right… do a comparison with your T-Mobile phone and an ATT phone to see who has faster data. ATT runs circles around T-moblie. This company is garbage and it will be the first time I would ever be glad to see a company fails. I also hope that ‘Loyalty Representative’ finds herself in the unemployment line right about the time BIG TIME MITT cuts funding.. See you dumpster diving you trash – NEVER GIVE T-MOBILE A DIME.

  • Jason C.

    I know EXACTLY how you feel, Nina!

    Last month I downgraded my T-Mobile plan to eliminate Internet, since my Android phone died and I can’t access the Internet by phone anymore. I kept unlimited minutes and unlimited texting.

    This month I received a bill, not for the $60 they had told me it would be, but for $524! I contacted them and explained the error, and requested that they fix it. At first they said they would fix it, but then they changed their tune and tried to say I’d downgraded to limited minutes and no texting, which isn’t true: all I did was remove Internet, and they quoted me a new monthly charge of $60.

    Now they’re claiming I have “overages” and must pay the extra several hundred dollars. I explained to them (over and over) that there shouldn’t BE overages on an unlimited account, but they claim I stripped my account down completely, which would have been ridiculous for someone who texts as much as I do.

    So rather than fixing the error THEY made, these greedy bastards are insisting I pay them this enormous amount–more than $400 more than I actually owe them!

  • Kenneth Dominello

    When I got my phone everyone was so helpful but as soon as I had problems I got the run around. I told them I live in a rural area and they said if you have coverage problems you can bring the phone back and cancel in 14 days. The phone was fine for 10 days then I had major problems. The phone didn’t find a signal anywhere I was for about 4 hours. When I went to T-Mobile they told me they had a problem with a tower and it would be fixed in 5 to 7 days. Well the problem continued and when I got fed up and wanted to return the phone”we’re sorry but your 14 days has passed. After about a month of Lip service I called and asked how much will it cost me to cancel my contract? “$200.00 plus your balance” that’s all? “yes” What about the phone? “Do what you want with it it’s yours”. So I traded it in at Verizon, Then I get a bill for $491.92. Aside from all the extra charges they don’t tell you about, $273.46 For the phone. T-Mobile is a criminal company.

  • Mike

    I hate T-Mobile, too. I got tired of having no service in the areas to which I travel, and learned there was a free 4G sim card upgrade — which didn’t do squat to improve coverage. So I switched to a different carrier, with which I have great coverage — and a much better price! So T-Mobile wants to stick it to me one last time. For the last bill, I have four days of service, but they charge not only a full month service fee, but a whole bunch of cancelation fees. The final bill is higher than the monthly fees I incurred before!

    Goodbye, Catherine Zeta-Jones!

  • T Mobile Customer

    BEWARE! Tmobile will zap your used HTC Mytouch phone when they are running a sale so you have to buy a new one. This is the second mytouch I purchased and when I ran a T-mobile update it freezes everything and will not let you do a hard reset or anything. They do this so you have to buy a new phone. Either buy a new phone with insurance and a lifetime warranty, or expect to have to buy a new used phone every six months. Tmobile will DO NOTHING to give you a discount on a new phone. That’s how they make their money. Go ahead and pay $600 for a phone new that you can buy online for $120. They overcharge and have horrible customer service. GO TO CRICKET!

  • Surri

    I hate tmobile! Can’t wait to leave them! They charged me 300 pound by mistake and I have been waiting more than a month and they still don’t refund!!!!!

  • Surri

    I hate tmobile! Can’t wait to leave

  • Peter

    I HATE T-MOBILE!!! Sigh, I never thought I would ever result into writing in a blog about my frustration on anything. T-mobile though, whew, what a different story. I have been with them for so many years, and they were good to me until recently. I find that their costumer service completely sucks! I was so frustrated with them, that I have terminated my contract with them and was more than willing to pay the termination fee of $200.00. Well, thanks to them and the so called fine print. I officially owe them a little over $400.00 because I have to pay a full month of serivce, and 200.00. I don’t understand how it comes out to be 400.00 but I’m pretty sure they will come up with some sort of an excuse. Also, prior to any of this, they called me to take a survey for T-mobile and why I have any discomfort with them. First thing I said was customer service is very unhelpful and rude. I guess they did not take my survey into consideration as they say they were going to. Sad to say, T-mobile is definitely not what they use to be and I will never give them my serivce ever again

  • Davis

    Hi all my friend .i totally understand what you guy felling right now, 100000000!…………………. Times I want to say. I HATE T Moble, never. Never. Never come back with them again, because they have a lot of tricking policy and have a lot of hiding fee ( other tax. …,tax. Tax. … State tax,,,, total tax…….. And a lot of bla bla bla we could not understand). ,And now I find out my way that cheap like simple mobile ,or boot moble …….. And I paying them just like 50% of usually bill I has to pay for t moble , so now on all my friend pl don’t stupid again to sight any contract with any fucken company ( t moble, Verizon’s ,sprin ………. ) just buying any company with prepaid and no contract , American not thing free so pl don’t stupid listens to them offer like free phone or cheap iPhone ,when you sight contract with them you are stupid like me, If you stupid don’t know where to find unlimited tatk, text , data ,,,,,,phone company pl just typing on google search and enter ,all you need are right there , ok ,and where to buy unlock phone……?????????, your local Craigslist fucken right there, cheap and a lot ok, SO who want smart or stupid way now??????????????????

  • Michael Bailey

    I dropped T Mobile over two years ago, calling T Mobile they gave me a bunch of crap and double talk, so I told them my contract is up and I am dropping your service, because your customer service provides no service to customer’s and I am tired of being ripped off. Good bye and hung up. I switched to Virgin Mobile being afraid of contracts now, opted for their no contract monthly billing, I have had no problems whatsoever there.
    About a month ago I got a collection notice from T Mobile for $3040.99, again T Mobile is trying to rip me off even though I have not been a customer for over 2 years, have received no billings despite when I have moved I have always changed my address with the post office. Now T Mobile refuses to answer any questions, disclose any billing, or disclose what this billing is about. T Mobile is clearly hiding all about this alleged debt.
    I am taking T Mobile to court, not any funking state court but a federal court where there is at least a chance of justice. I am fighting back.
    If anyone else had had an experience like this please contact me at mjbailey88@live.com. and your experiences that are similar to mine, and that will be used to show a pattern of misconduct my T Mobile, I will need your name, address and telephone number (I will prepare an affidavit and send it to you for signing and notary service) or a typed notarized sworn affidavit mailed to Michael J. Bailey, 2000 S. Burleson Blvd. #21, Burleson, TX. 76028. I most definitely agree T Mobile sucks.

  • kpate

    So I purchased a phone over the web with headset. Tried to return the headset to a T-Mobile retail outlet. No, not any outlet, a T-Mobile store. They would not accept it. Called T-Mobile. Had my order number. Told me that I had to pay for shipping to return the headset. Could not return it to a store. Same identical headset in the store, same price $9.95.
    So it would cost me a minimum of 1/2 the price to ship it back not to mention I have to wrap the damn thing up and drive to a UPS, USPS location.
    Ok – T-Mobile U Suck. Got that U Suck.

  • sdm

    T mobile is an immoral hateful disgusting company. I called and had my service cancelled and thought everything was fine until I received a bill stating that I owed them for services past the date that I had cancelled. I had already paid a bill that had been sent to me for the remainder of the month in which I had cancelled. When I spoke to someone in customer service they stated that they had only cancelled service for one line and that the other line remained active. I was furious. I could not believe that they would resort to such dishonest tactics. To this date I refuse to pay the charges even though it is only $118.00. From the date that I called to cancel the account forward there was zero activity on the account. Tmobile turned my account over to a credit collection agency and it is listed as potentially negative information on my credit report. T mobile I hate you and you can go to hell. You will never receive another penny from me, and I have already turned two customers away from you and will continue to do so until you are out of business.

  • rouzie a

    Dear T-Mobile,

    I have been a customer of yours for years. About 3.5 years ago I purchased my first home and with the joy of owning a new home came the hellish experience of not having any reception at my house. Mind you that I live in Orange County, CA which is located between Los Angeles and San Diego. We are not a small town so one would think that your company would have wonderful coverage with its 4G ads running all day and night in every channel known to man. But sadly, not one bar, just an “X” on the 4 bars each and every time. So I called your customer service thinking that you guys would have a solution for me. Well, you did. I was sent one of your boosters. I instealled it in my office and with such excitement too, but no reception. I called again and moved it outside to the filtration room of my pond on the hillside, yet no reception. I called again and sent the unit back. I was then told that my Sumsung phone at the time was the problem and that many customers had complained, so my contract was renewed and you guys tricked me into purchasing two new phones (HTC) for another two year contract. I fell for it thinking maybe the antenna was bad for that model. New phones came and yet, no reception. I called again and again and again. Tech support apparently sent engineers out to the area and verified no reception. Still no reception. I called again and I was told that because of the findings T-Mobile planned installation of a new tower. That was over a year ago. I have called and called and called. Yet, no reception. I counted at one point over 20 calls in 6 months. Finally, one day I had an emergency and I tried calling my wife who did not have reception. So out of NEED, I purchased a phone with Verizon and surely enough I have reception with them at my house. I called T-Mobile and thought I was dealing with an ethical company but NO. I thought your company would man up and cancel the contract if you cant provide service at my house and knowing that another company has coverage there. But no, I was told the contract is in place and more offensive was that your agent told me your company DOES NOT GUARANTEE SERVICE IN ALL AREAS. How can you guys force someone to pay when you cant offer service at their home? And to make things matter, I was told to use WiFi calling. So please tell me why I am paying your company if I am going to use Cox Communication’s lines for making phone calls. Please ask your management to research new technologies available such as Google Hang Out and Skype. Maybe then your customer service agents will understand that if I am going to use someone else’s services, I prefer paying them more for doing a good job. Just last week, I was transferred to another agent who asked me to write a letter and submit a fax and T-Mobile would consider but not guarantee letting me out of my contract. Please do consider. Until then, do understand a fact of business that for every call I have made, it probably cost your company $4-$7 for the agent’s time and operating expenses, let alone the fact that each call that drops, I take a screen shot and share with all my friends the quality of your services. And lastly, every time the call drops, I make sure to apologize to the other side by saying “I am sorry, I am a T-Mobile customer”. I wonder how much that has cost your company. My contract is going to be up in a few months, but I would like out now so I can continue my service with the company that has reception at my HOME. So please consider contacting me and cancelling the service.

    Yours truly,


  • Jesse

    I’m so sick of people not taking responsibility for their mistakes. Clearly on the website it tells you two times the EFFECTIVE date of the rate plan. Peoplw don’t take the time to read and them blame it on a company.

    Seriously, you’re trying to tell me that t-mobile STOLE from you 5$ for six month and you didn’t look at your bill in HALF OF A YEAR and notice it? that shouldn’t of happened, sure, but there hits a point where you are responsible for your bill. Obviously the 5$ didn’t mean much to you if you didn’t notice it for that long.

    Stop blaming a company for the fact that you can’t read. The contract states that we bill out to the end of the bill cycle.

    Whoever said that t-mobile “zapped” your phone… we don’t put out your HTC updates. That’s well… HTC.

    God and some people that get pissed when after 5 years your phone doesn’t work, well you bought it five years ago. Of your car or TV breaks after five years, you don’t call them. You buy a warranty, or you’re out of luck. Why is that a surprise?

    T-mobile is the first carrier to get rid of two year contracts. IT’S ALSO THE CHEAPEST. Let’s compare:

    Unlimited talk and text and 500 MB’s with Verizon for 4 lines: 220$

    Stop bitching, shell out the cash and leave or read what you’re signing before you get into it.

    T-Mobile isn’t tricking you into another contract… you’re just not listening when they read of the 3 minutes of the terms and conditions and that’s not their fault that you don’t remember it.

    There’s a “I hate sprint” page, a “I hate Verizon” page and AT&T. These companies aren’t screwing over anyone, you’re just jaded.

  • John Payne

    My tmobile cell phone had been malfunctioning and died. I requested a replacement device at the time I was in the hospital for surgery. I explained to tmobile my situation that my phone been acting up and I would handle my bill as soon as I’m discharged. Only a few days past due my service is suspended. I explain to tmobile my circumstance and they said they couldn’t help me. Out of tmobiles inconsideration I cancelled my contract. Now tmobile has charged me for the whole next months usage that hasn’t even generated. I tried to come to a resolution but tmobile somehow configured a $1,068 bill. This is not my only problem I’ve had where spam callers wouldn’t stop calling my phone and generated over $100 dollars in overages. I tried to settle this matter with tmobile and was forced to pay for a new phone number in addition to the overages to prevent an early termination fee. This is the last straw and I’m not dealing with tmobile never again. Tmobile will get you into a contract then force payment overages to steal your money.

  • Tammy

    I’m dumbfounded by the lack of responsibility you all take for your actions. Do you think cellphone companies are charities or should run your life for you?

  • Lindsay

    I hate tmobile.
    Serge the sales rep in the mid town miami store screwed up when setting up our plan so we had no international roaming.
    Then I have continuously been lied to about where there is and isn’t service.
    Now they say there is an outstanding balance of $1000 on my account. Well I obviously asked to see a bill but that cannot be produced.
    And then I just spoke to “the icing on the cake” (the ultimate reason I’m blogging) a fuckwit know as Ronda from Tampa who proceeded to just fuel my thinking that tmobile is another shitty company because of their inability to hire good employees.

  • Jennifer

    On October 11th 2013 t-mobile cut my cell phone service off because we are leaving there company. And they will not give the code to unlock our phones. so now if any thing happens to my children. I DON’T HAVE ANY PHONE IN CASE MY DAUGHTER GETS HURT OR ANYTHING WITH SCHOOL. They holding the phone number hostage. what a shame of this company.I agree with Lindsay, t-mobile is another shitty company because of their inability to hire good employees.

  • Ken

    You are all correct T -Mobile is the worst cell phone provider out there. They lie , cheat , overcharge . they have the poorest connections , they are constantly dropping calls. The best way to beat them is to go to another provider and do not ever pay them another dime. Also tell every one how bad they are so that they will not be cheated by them .
    Ken M

  • Ken

    I speak the truth . Why should change a word that I wrote .

    Ken M

  • Erika

    I also hate T-Mobile for stealing my $47.70 and giving me a Sim Card & Service that never was ment to be used with my LG phone. I hope T -Mobile becomes History and never move forward again!

  • A little over a year ago I purchased a Concord cell phone and I had nothing but problems with it. It finally went completely blank so I went to buy a new phone. I was rudely kicked out of the store and told I had to deal with it online because I was on an employee plan. Since I am on a family employee plan. I (an older person on disability who lives alone) had to go without a phone for several days. And I could only order one over the internet. They refused to give me a loaner. They didn’t care that I was alone in the country. So I ordered another Concord phone for $120. I had been convinced that there was probably just something wrong with that one phone. When I finally got my new phone this phone was bad too kept dropping calls. Freezing up, locking up having to shut it off 4 to 5 times a day to even use it.just like the first one did. I was sometimes unable to make or receive calls at all causing me a lot of fear and stress. After many hours on the phone with them doing everything they asked. It still would not work. Now I find out that concords are no longer available they had to send something different and I was told it was a much better quality. What a big joke. They sent me a replacement something called an Alcatel One Touch 1. Now instead of a 4G I am stuck with an extremely slow 3G phone. So slow it is basically worthless. I also find out these sell for a lot less than what I was told definitely not 1/2 equal to what I paid for my other phone and I was told that they sold for more than I bought my phone for. This phone was the worst phone I have ever owned. It was so slow at everything I did, it was barely usable, finally after going through all the resets & the wipes on yet another phone, they decide they will send me a new phone. I told them I paid for 4G to begin with & I wanted another 4G. That a 3G replacement was not acceptable because I had purchased a 4G phone and wanted a 4G phone. As I felt like they were ripping me off. So I was told they could only send me an Alcatel evolve 2 the upgrade from the Alcatel 1 they sent me 1st. It’s what they told me that they could give me & that it is equal in price to my original phone I bought, and the only thing they can trade me for. It has been a week and I have not yet received it. In the meantime I look on line and find out that this phone sells for only $79 on the T mobile site. I am extremely frustrated and tired of being lied to. What is their problem? How can they expect to keep customers if they treat them like this. buyers beware!!! check out what you’re getting before you agree to receiving the phone they say they are willing to replace your phone with. They told me so many stories about all these different phones and none of them lived up to what they said including what they were worth. & I was told that 3G was just as good as and even the same as 4G and 3G was like the old dial up telephone internet, it was so slow I had to start it downloading something then go off and do something and come back and sometimes it would be there. I have been with tmobile for 15 years and I used to really like them but their quality has gone way down the toilet, and now they will just tell you anything to get you off the phone. I trust companies that are honest with you. How can you trust a company that tells you several different stories by several different people about the very same thing. And when you check them out they’re lies. What happened to you T Mobile you used to be so honest and good.now you seem to have no ethics. Honesty will keep your people but after these lies even with the cheap prices I fear trusting you. I don’t know what you’re going to pull next. And now anything you tell me I feel like I have to double check it out, because I automatically assume it’s a lie. You have just pulled it one too many times. I am on a limited income and barely able to have money to eat as it is. I have no extra $ to throw away on things I’m being scammed. I paid $130 for Phone that did not work and to replace it you give me one that I could have bought for $79. Thanks a lot. I could have eaten for a week on the difference. But I’m sure you don’t understand that being a big rich company you don’t understand what that is like. The funny thing is you guys added insurance on the very first phone that I bought that I said I didn’t want on there but have had to pay for then when I have problems with the phone I was not even able to use it to get a new phone. and I was not able to get it refunded when I found out you were charging me something I did not authorize. A big waste of my money that I could not get back that I did not even authorize to to be charged to my account in fact I remember telling them no I do not want it but you will have to ask my daughter if she wants it on hers why was I charged for that and then not allowed a refund. You’re ripping people off and then after charging insurance they did not want and have to pay for they don’t even get to use it. I am very fed up with your company I am very unhappy with your company and I certainly won’t recommend it to other people. Boy my friend who witnessed me being told to leave because I was on an employee plan and basically kicked out said boy I sure wouldn’t use your company thats for sure and she tried to get me to come over to her company. Believe me if I don’t see some changes that’s probably what’s going to happen. A person can only take so many lies & so many ripoffs before they won’t trust a company anymore and usually they tell everybody else about what happened to them too. So I hope you get yourself straightened out before you lose everybody you are beginning to get a bad name maybe you should read some of the stuff online.I am very disappointed in how your company has changed. I warn anyone to think twice before they sign up with T Mobile double check anything they say and check with other companies to make sure that they’re telling the truth about what they are saying about them too.

  • LeeAnne

    I was a tmobile customer for 10 long years. The first 7 were fine. I ordered a smart phone 3 years ago and things went downhill from there. I could not get service on my phone. all of my friends using other services were using their phones just fine. After several calls and attempts to replace my phone, they offered me a cell booster. I told them I didn’t want it and they insisted. They told me it was mine and free of charge. They sent it to me and I called them and told them I didn’t want it. They said to keep it and convinced me to get another phone which extended my contract. The next phone didn’t get coverage either and I was forced to wait for my contract to end before I could move on to another service. Finally, the contract was over and I switched service. I receive a bill from tmobile for $300 for something I already paid for and had to call and dispute it. They cancelled that charge. Then, next thing I know I get a collections call for $401 for the cell booster. I threw the cell booster away because I had no use for it and I was told it was mine. I called them and they are sticking to it. They said I should have read the terms and conditions on the website. There is nothing I can do but pay the $401. Did I mention they are ruining my credit!! I can’t believe they would do this to someone that was a loyal customer for 10 years!

  • Troy

    Not sure if anyone have tried to get a corp discount but per my company I was suppose to get $25 gift card for each of my 4 lines and on top a 15% discount on my bill. I sign up in April of this year and still not getting the discount or the gift cards. Not getting any luck with t-mobile customer service and when I look for an email address to send concerns to they dont have one.

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