Mimi’s device gets bricked

This is from a little cartoon I’m working on about DRM, privacy, and “three strikes.”

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  • Mark

    Cute! Part of a new PSA animation for Question Copyright, I presume?

    PS: Over at the Daily Cartoonist, they’re saying you have a gig lined up at the Cartoon Art Museum in July. Why no mention of that here?

  • Can I be America’s second best-loved cartoonist after you. Really, great stuff.

  • …pan to Ignatz Mouse.

  • David Jordan

    Hehe, I like how the little cord get’s yanked out from afar. Is it your intention to discuss the bricking of individual devices using remote deactivation of content/features or more general internet disconnect. If it’s the latter, the use of an Eee PC is fine. If it’s about the former, you might want to use another device (perhaps A**le or A**zon?), since an Eee PC is from my experience quite free from DRM in my experience (particularly using Ubuntu or $DISTRO) and extremely difficult to brick in any way that means more than a half hour to restore the OS, files, and settings.

  • Geez, I was hoping no one would notice it’s an Eee. I’ll have to block out the logo. I photographed my own notebook, and that’s what I had!

  • Eee, a mouse!

    Looking forward to the final result.

  • is a cute animation.
    I am an animator so I love animation !
    But I dont like my lapto be brick !!!! :)

  • Cicee

    I know this is an old post, but it seemed like the latest appropriate posting on which to send you a link to this story about copywriting jokes I just read:


    Luckily there is a choice joke about a hedgehog to stop you from crying with frustration.

    P.S. poor Mimi! Stupid 3 strikes….

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