Attention Economics

Today I viewed a small art quilt show. Many of the quilts were quite beautiful. Still, it took my friend and I less than half an hour to view everything, on two floors. We spent no more than a few minutes contemplating each one, lingering longest on the ones we liked most, less on the ones we liked least. We weren’t in a hurry; a few minutes of attention was all we needed to spend to be satiated (I would have spent a bit more if touching the quilts was appropriate, but that seemed like a no-no).

These quilts took countless hours to make. I’d estimate about 20 hours for each piece,

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“Water,” or Art Is Stupid

I finally finished and hung tapestry #2 in my “4 Elements” series: Water.

This one wasn’t nearly the joy to make that the first one, “Earth,” was. In fact it was so fraught with anxiety, errors, and frustrations, it inspired today’s Mimi & Eunice cartoon:
art is stupid

I’m glad it’s done now. Here’s some of the insanity that went into it (photos by Ian Akin, who has been a houseguest here through the whole thing): Continue reading “Water,” or Art Is Stupid

Piecing Water, or Why I’m Going to Make a Proper Pattern Next Time

I finally started the second in my series of “4 Elements” quilted tapestries: Water. Here’s the design:

Now, I’ve been avoiding proper pattern-making. I just print the thing out on multiple sheets of 11×17 paper, which I tape together and trace onto more taped-together sheets of freezer paper. Then I cut those out with a rotary cutter… Continue reading Piecing Water, or Why I’m Going to Make a Proper Pattern Next Time

Flying Fish, new sewing machine

Here’s a very small mini-quilt I made to inaugurate my new, larger, smooth-like-buttah sewing machine.

It’s only 9 x 12″. Unlike the digital vector art I’m used to doing, the smaller the quilt, the less time it takes. It only took one day from start to finish. Continue reading Flying Fish, new sewing machine