Friday (tomorrow!) March 4 at the Rubin Museum

I will be talking about Spirals: Fluid Dynamics in Tibetan Art, at the Rubin Museum’s “Artists on Art” series. We’ll look at a few paintings and a sculpture that have really cool spirally flames and clouds, and swirly water, and I’ll say intelligent things like, “Look! Spirals! Aren’t they neato?” Details:

Friday March 4, 6:15 pm
Program meets at the base of the spiral staircase.
Rubin Museum of Art
150 W. 17th St.
New York, NY 10011

And it’s FREE!

2 comments to Friday (tomorrow!) March 4 at the Rubin Museum

  • WOW…that is good new, and might, despite prolonged illness, not so nice weather, and a tendency to collapse after dark, just get me out of this apartment and down to the Rubin! You are so fine in so many ways. I am calling my friend Amy Ernst the collage artist right now.

  • Ahh! I just read this post at 9:30 Friday night! I could’ve just hopped across the bridge! Oh, I’m so sorry to have missed this. Especially after that wonderful post of yours about turning in or turning out of the spiral! Rats!

    I hope it went excellently well and you were appropriately appreciated.


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