Death Makes a Holiday

Death of Firstborn Egyptians

I’m currently animating the Death of the Firstborn Egyptians (Exodus 11:1-12:36) for Seder-Masochism. This is the miracle that started Passover! Hooray! I’m being sarcastic!

3 comments to Death Makes a Holiday

  • Nina, You are wonderful – how I hate/love/hate the Seder. I can never imagine celebrating all those smotten (such a word) Egyptians and all the plagues. And I’m suppose to be happy about this? Keep up the wonderful imaginative work. All the best, Maryna Ajaja

  • I do not know how I have not seen your work before.
    I was drawn of course by ‘This Land is Mine.’

    However, the brilliance of the embroidered animation is almost painful. Holy macaroni. Having done only a small amount of hand drawn animation, I am amazed at the monumental task.

    Next will you carve animated scenes in granite?

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