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06Melt_2I just finished animating the “Death of the Firstborn Egyptians” (Exodus 12) scene for Seder-Masochism. It clocks in at 7 minutes 6 seconds. As soon as it gets some extra sound effects I’ll release it online, coinciding with a fundraising drive for the movie. Meanwhile here are some stills.






2 comments to Coming Soon

  • Jessica Levai

    This is so cool to see. I’m teaching courses on mythology and Egyptomania, and I can’t wait to use the video in both of them. (Already used the images!)

  • Victor Steerup

    Love your work. Spotted “Sita Sings the Blues” on the Internet Archive shortly after it was posted there. Made a bunch of DVDs and distributed them free. Just saw a newspaper article about “Maccabee on the Mantel” book-and-doll set. I only first heard about Maccabee in your “This Land is Mine” animation explanation webpage.

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