Seder-Masochism Progress Report

My two goals for 2017 were to bicycle 5,000 miles, and to finish Seder-Masochism. I have 30 miles to go on the first goal, slowed down by mysterious health problems (for which I’m about to undergo a series of invasive tests). But the second goal keeps getting farther away.

I have all the pieces made, and they’re pretty good. The musical numbers are entertaining, and the “Our Father” scenes, based on recordings of my own father shortly before his death in 2012, worked remarkably well.

Our Father

But the overall story isn’t holding together. In fact, it’s hard to tell what the overall story is. I set out to

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Goat Cherubs

Our Father’s Kids.

Our Father’s

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Heavenly Father work-in-progress…

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Jewish Cherub

Arms by Raphael. Wings by Dürer. Head by Isidor Kaufmann.

Arms by Raphael. Wings by Dürer. Head by Isidor

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