The Angel of Pain

Angel O Pain 3 - Frame 0I needed something to visualize while I’m in pain. The Angel O’ Death is nice, but pain isn’t death; in many ways, it’s life. So this morning, I asked the Angel of Pain to show itself to me. And this is what I got.

3 comments to The Angel of Pain

  • Aaron Ortiz

    It looks like a cute version of Cthulu.

  • Helena Maria

    More beautiful than pain!

    Come to Thailand – with some $ of course. You will see the right person immediately..and they are very good doctors.

    What a nightmare the US medical non-system is :O

  • Sekhmet the lionheaded egypt goddess is a good symbol of pain. She is often interpreted as more cruel side of the catheaded goddess Bastet. Sekhmet likes to use her knives for bloody purposes, sometimes to cut Apep the snake, sometimes to kill other enemies. When I feel very ill and have to get up from bed to get some medicine, I often see Sekhmet in my dreams cutting my ribs with her knives until I’m fully awake and more or less ready to go to pharmaceutical store. She is not death, she is a doctor, but definitely painful doctor.

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