More horse gifs

Horse new2_2 Horse new2_1

I spent all day grappling with a bug in Moho. It was distorting shapes on duplicate layers, making it impossible for me to do my work. Hours and hours spent banging my head into a wall. I submitted a bug report and the corrupted files and…the techs could’t see the distortions. And in fact, when I re-opened my files, the distortions were gone, even though they were absolutely there before. I made new files and the same distortions occurred. But when I quit Moho and reopened the very same files – that were absolutely distorted and not just in the work area, but on renders too – the distortions were gone. So I finally have my workaround, and it only took a day of agony and despair.

Now I can duplicate layers again, so here are some horse gifs.




Snake Seed Sprout

snakeplant spiral 2_4

Snake Plants

snakeplant 13_2

snakeplant 16_1

Goddess of the Fishes

School O’ Fish



Horse Herd_2

Deer Herd2_4


Floaty Dreamy Prehistoric Horse


More Moho, which I like a lot more since abandoning “target bones”. I realize floaty dreamy movement is usually a rookie mistake, but in this case I’m trying to make the animals look floaty and dreamy. I actually need to make the deer and rhino more floaty and dreamy. The bear I have to make over from scratch.



What I’m learning in Moho Pro: Target Bones are more trouble than they’re worth. No target bones on this deer, less automation and more control.

Cave Bear


More Moho Pro.


Prehistoric Rhinoceros



Bone rigging and animating in Moho Pro. I’m still new to these techniques and I have some bugs to work out. See Victor Paredes’s excellent tutorial on rigging and animating quadrupeds here.

Moon and Ouroboros



Snake Goddess

snake goddess6gif_5

Animated sketch for a work in progress.



snake16_7Some snake experiments in Moho Pro 12.




Bicycling fauna for me

I’m going to lead a weekly Recumbent Ride for the local Prairie Cycle Club, so I drew some things for it:

Bicyclin' Bison

Bicyclin’ Bison

Bicyclin' Deer (the white-tailed deer is the state animal of Illinois)

Bicyclin’ Deer (the white-tailed deer is the state animal of Illinois)

Here’s the resultant flyer:

Recumbent Ride card2