The Sun


Although the above animated gif is more appropriate for an equinox, I made it today, the Summer Solstice.


Face of the Goddess

goddess moon eyes7

goddess moon eyes6_1
goddes moon eyes2_2

goddes moon eyes1_2

Handy Vegetation

OK Moho is officially the best animation software for 2-D vector morphs. You control every point.


Handy Stars


More Moho morphs.Hand3

Prehistoric Goddess Morph 2


I added more goddesses.

goddess morph sketch

This is a start, not finished. I’m just figuring out how to do this stuff in Moho Pro.


Moon and Ouroboros



Snake Goddess

snake goddess6gif_5

Animated sketch for a work in progress.



snake16_7Some snake experiments in Moho Pro 12.







Susan’s “Entlebucher Bounding”

Entlebucher Bounding3

A Hundred Dollar Flipbook for Susan, except I didn’t do it as a flipbook, I did it all on one sheet:

Entlebucher Bounding sm

And then I took out frame #6 because it didn’t look right. Here’s the same cycle larger:

Entlebucher Bounding3_1



Tiny Cat Run

tiny cat run 2.2

This is mostly copied from the sample running cat in Richard William’s Animator’s Survival Kit book, minus frame 6 (below), which looked weird in the cycle.

tiny cat run 2

More Tinymation: Stomping Grapes

tiny stomp_3

I said I was gonna draw tinier, and I did:

stomp photo1

Yeah these are tiny little guys all right. Or gals, who can tell at that size?


I really like the spontaneity, freshness, and non-computery-ness of drawing tiny on paper. Lately I’ve been drawing little flipbooks, but even this “Ganesha Marimba” looks suspiciously like a conventional pencil test, in spite of being only a couple inches wide and drawn in ballpoint pen. So I upped my game and drew even smaller:

Tiny walk photo

This is easier than drawing flipbooks because I can see everything at the same time, rather than only the one drawing previous. And it’s tiny! So full of lovely mistakes and life.

tiny walk_1

Next I plan to draw even tinier!

Hundred Dollar Flipbooks?!

New experiment!

For $100 I will make a little flipbook animation inspired by your request. For another $100 I will mail you the original* flipbook.

*It’s $100 because if I let go of the originals I’ll have to scan every page at high resolution for posterity, which takes some time. Whereas it’s much faster to just shoot a little “pencil test” with my phone camera. Rules are the same as Hundred Dollar Drawings:

  1. No caricatures

  2. Requests must be 2 words (or fewer)

These suckers will be maybe 20 frames or so, shot drawn with quality ballpoint pen on thin, flimsy 6″x4″ or 5″x3″ notepads. Examples:

Ready? Use the Paypal button linky things below:

$100: Nina draws your flipbook:

+$100: Said flipbook mailed to you:

Please put your two-words-or-fewer request in Paypal’s “message to seller” box on checkout. If that doesn’t work, email me. If that doesn’t work, I will email you.