Matt’s “Atheist”

2016-12-01 Atheist22016-12-01 Atheist2_cleanup

Hundred Dollar Drawing.


Sean’s “Buddha Jesus”

2016-11-29 BuddhaJesus

Hundred Dollar Drawing.

Tim’s “Bran-Spankin New”

2016-11-29 SpankinNew

Hundred Dollar Drawing.

Bonnie’s “Listening Zone”

2016-11-29 ListenZone2

Hundred Dollar Drawing.

Dave’s “Sasquatch Blues”

2016-11-27 Sasquatch2

Hundred Dollar Drawing.

Matt’s “Perfect Timing”

2016-11-28 Timing

Hundred Dollar Drawing.

Lardy’s “Buffalo Bills!!!1!”

2016-11-25 BuffaloBills2016-11-25 BuffaloBills_cleanup

Hundred Dollar Drawing.

Carolyn’s “Miriam’s Well.”

2016-11-25 Miriam's Well cleanup

2016-11-25 Miriam's Well

Hundred Dollar Drawing.

Frank’s “January Channukah”

2016-11-24 Channukah

Hundred Dollar Drawing.

Hundred Dollar Drawings, Round Three

Update Nov 28: Requests now CLOSED/SOLD OUT as we have exceeded the 10-request limit. Please watch this page for next opening!

I enjoyed doing the last batch so Hundred Dollar Drawings are open again!  I’m only doing ten of these so order now.2016-11-21 Gita

Dan’s “Crawdad Piano”

2016-11-24 Crawdad Piano

Dan’s mysterious two word request for his Hundred Dollar Drawing was “Crawdad Piano.” Cleanup:

2016-11-24 Crawdad_cleanup

Chloe’s “Polka Whirling”

2016-11-23 Polka

Hundred Dollar Drawing.

Maneesh’s “Phoenix Death”

Hundred Dollar Drawing for Maneesh Yadav, who requested “Phoenix Death.”

2016-11-22 PhoenixDeath pens

Cleanup sponsored by Ihab A.B. Awad:

2016-11-22 PhoenixDeath

This is Free Culture working much like Free Software: it’s out there, someone needs something done and either does it themselves or pays to have it done, and then that’s out there too. Yay Free Culture!

Vikram’s “Kama Sutra”

2016-11-21 Kama_Sutra

A final Hundred Dollar Drawing for Vikram Gandhi.

People have been requesting t-shirts of this; you can now get them here (mugs too!).

Vikram’s “Bhagavad Gita”

2016-11-21 Gita

Another Hundred Dollar Drawing for Vikram Gandhi. I liked this one so much I did a clean-up for my own pleasure:

2016-11-21 Gita_cleanup