Sita screens in Paris Monday September 28!

At 8 or 8:30 pm! At a real cinema! I’ll post the cinema name and address as soon as the distributor sends it to me – soon – but if you’re in Paris tomorrow, please save the date and come by!

“Studio des Ursulines”
10, rue des Ursulines 75005 Paris
Metro Luxembourg

Merci a Christophe pour l’information!


Fluff: a test

testing to see if I can upload a gigantic “Fluff” strip via wordpress. Will the link go to an image, or file, or what?


Update: on my browser, it read as a Quicktime file. But “Save As Source” saved it as a .tif again. This is good news.

DVD update

The DVDs have been manufactured and will be are on their way to the order fulfillment warehouse soon. I haven’t checked them yet They work. The e-store will go live in a few days Wednesday May 27 (hopefully) by Friday if I’m lucky. Stay tuned!

Second NY screening added!

By popular demand, we’re adding a 9pm* sneak preview screening of Sita in New York on November 17. Please RSVP with “Sita NY 9pm” in the subject. You can also just show up; if we run out of room at 7 (and we probably will) we’ll put you on the list for 9, which should be less crowded. If you’ve already RSVP’ed, you’re in, no worries.

*The 9pm show may be DVD only, as we might not have time to show “Battle of Lanka” on 35mm.



Postsecret + LOLcats = LOLSECRETZ. Motto: “INTRNT DUN NOW THX”

Loins of Punjab Presents:

Here’s an excerpt of I video I worked on (I did the animation, duh) for the amazing, wonderful feature film Loins of Punjab Presents. Lucky viewers in India will get to see it in theaters later this month. We sadly deprived Americans will have to wait until after its festival premiere October 3rd. Well, I’m not sadly deprived – I saw it, and it’s awesome!

Beyond Awesome: Kitty Cams

Via Two Can Anne, the amazing cat photography of Mr. Lee:


Mr. Lee’s human attached a tiny camera to his collar, yielding fascinating new insights into the secret life of cats. Blow your mind with the whole story here.


There’s also a cat cam user in Los Angeles:


Wow. Hooray for the internets!

Music of the 21st Century!


Reader and fellow animator John Weldon has just made a new song called PETA Gals. I figured after my ALDF post, it was especially relevant. Listen to John’s other songs too!

Map Shortage Reaches Epic Proportions

Via Two Can Anne.

“Nothing New”

Sita Sings the Blues was recently rejected for a small government grant. Their review comments included “not engaging,” “nothing new,” “doesn’t speak to artistic growth and development” and “pretty but not groundbreaking.” At first I didn’t fully understand, but then today I learned a film exactly like mine has been done before:

Look at the similarities: the story is told from a white Western female perspective, it uses animation, and it only discusses Rama and Sita, omitting Laxman. Not only that, it was made by four-to-six-year-olds, which explains why the organization also called my project “standard” and “too easy.” I wish I’d known about this before I tried to “reinvent the wheel.” (via waiting for kalki)

Movies Want to be Free!

Movies Want To Be Free

Today’s Diesel Sweeties has my number.

Just click the icon, and it opens in minutes

Thanks to tipster Mike for turning me on to the most advanced digital graphics tools:

Cat News

More Cat News here.

Coney Island Memoirs

My pal Gordon suggested checking out Coney Island before it’s eaten by condo developers. Since I hate crowds, we chose today – a Tuesday – to pay our respects to this historic neighborhood. Click here to see the 144 photos I took.

Maximum Boost to Norway!

I don’t like beer, and I don’t like to party, but I like Party With Beer:

Apparently some people were offended by “Heinrich Stämmler”‘s (I love how a Norwegian cartoon features German English) cartoon wee-wee. It’s part of Norges Televisjon‘s animated talk show project, which postulates TV talking heads don’t wear pants, since they’re (supposed to be) shot from the waist up, behind desks. Some Youtubers were so outraged by the flappin’ flaccidity, that Stämmler issued a video response:

Finally, NRK cleaned up their act with this Family-Friendly Version:

Some comments indicated “Party with Beer” is a parody of the band Scooter, which I’d never heard of, but after seeing their videos I have to agree – a brilliant parody at that.

Now I want to move to Norway.