What a day!

Thumbs UpToday I learned why WordPress creates a whole new domain for installing itself. My wee little lesson involved wiping out everything on my web site for a few hours. Now I’m older, wiser, and willing to accept my new homepage has a “.blog” prefix. I hope you, dear reader, can accept that as well.

In happier news, the archives are up and running, along with the rest of ninapaley.com. And I can already tell that WordPress kicks Blogger’s ass. Big thanks to Ariel, who actually knows how all this works.

Dear readers, please leave a comment if you’re still out there!


9 comments to What a day!

  • We’re still here! I am anyway. Always trolling for Sita updates.

  • Hey, now that you’ve moved, I can actually leave comments. I couldn’t before and I have a blogger account. Go figure!
    My fridge is a wonderland of Ninaoscity. That is all.


  • Thanks emjaybee and Paul!

  • Hi Nina
    I really liked Sita Sings the Blues, and related stuff.
    I’m mostly a painter ( watercolour), 2d and some 3d stuff.
    But I’m getting very interested in animation, I have plenty of idea’s, but I seem to get too complicated. So seeing your animation’s, was an inspiration for me. Keep it up.
    ( Kamloops BC Canada)

  • Still here.
    Still reading.
    Got redirected here:)

  • great going nina!! all the best for your new blog!!
    been following your work, esp the ramayana saga, for a while now… very imaginative n fun stuff indeed!!

    hope to see more and be inspired, take care! :o)

  • Stu

    Hey Nina – love your stuff! Why do you think WordPress is better then Blogger? I only just set up my blogger site, so still learning!

  • Good move Nina! WordPress really does wear the long trousers in the blogging world.
    And now that it supports website style static pages, you can put a whole portfolio online and get comments on every page! Wahey!
    I look forward to your posts, as ever.

  • Hi

    Great book. I just want to say what a fantastic thing you are doing! Good luck!


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