Ich bin kein Berliner


That’s right people, I’m not a Berliner, so I can’t hit up my neighbors to offer crash pads for some of Sita’s voice artists and musicians who want to attend the premiere at Berlinale ’08. But I can hit up complete strangers in cyberspace! The festival only covers my hotel for 5 days (of a 10-day event) and isn’t covering any of the actors and musicians. If you’re in Berlin and want to hear the pitter-patter of creative feet in your guest room, please contact me! Sofas and floor mats are fine too – these are artists, used to bohemian living. Everyone who worked on Sita is sweet, talented, intelligent, mature, responsible, and lots of fun – I really lucked out.


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  • Having heard Eddie Izzard’s bit about John Kennedy’s “I am a donut” speech, the pic and headline made me chuckle 🙂

  • Hi Nina
    I’m compiling Variety’s Berlin film listings and I was wondering whether you have a sales company for your film — or are you handling sales yourself?

  • Bernhard Freutel

    Hi Nina,
    i have my flat in Berlin City and also room to spend this Berlinale-days, if You or anyone of Your crew needs this, send me a mail, i heard about Your problem at radio1 with Knut Elstermann.

    Best regards

  • hey
    we´r living in a very nice flat in berlin near train station “Ostkreuz”
    i can offer a room!!!it would fit al least 3 people of you.
    to the berlinale area u will need 25 min by city train so it´s close to it.

    we are 3 people areound the mid twenty´s and allways open for new people
    just heard “radio 1” and they told u are looking for a room to stay

    u r very welcom

    u can call me

    +49 176 631 08 126

    loockin forward
    good luck for the berlinale

  • Hi Nina,

    just in case, that you and your team didn’t find adequate space to stay during the Berlinale in Berlin, I can a place/room to stay.
    Located in Charlottenburg, means downtown Berlin, close by the ‘Schloss Charlottenburg’.
    Subway and Bus near by, just a 3 minute walk.

    For further informations and exchanging phonenumbers just contact me by email.

    All the best


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