9 thoughts on “Three more festivals”

  1. The Taipei Festival
    I grabbed this.


    * Grand Prize – NT$1,000,000 plus trophy
    (approximately USD30, 000)
    * Special Jury Prize – NT$350,000 plus trophy
    (approximately USD10, 000)
    * Audience’s Choice Award- a trophy

    It’s along way from second to third.:)

  2. Alas, Sita is playing out of competition – they said animation isn’t eligible. Animation is the bastard child of cinema.

  3. That trophy, was probably make in China, anyway.( I couldn’t resist.)
    That’s too bad.You would think, that since they allow animation, that they would have a category for it.
    Anyway, I hope it goes great for you there.

  4. Selected for Annecy: congratulations! I’m going to assist to the festival: you may then be sure of at least one vote from the public…

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