Copenhagen so far

A quick update from abroad: This NATFILM festival is sweeeet. Copenhagen is possibly the most beautiful city I’ve ever visited – sorry other cities, but the medieval architecture here wins my heart. I just saw Guy Maddin’s fantastic new film “My Winnipeg,” which I missed in Berlin. Guy Maddin is one of the few filmmakers I can honestly call inspiring. Unfortunately he couldn’t attend NATFILM in person. But I did get to meet John Sayles and his partner Maggie and a bunch of really nice Danish film people at a superb homecooked dinner in a palatial (literally, in a palace) apartment here. Sweet, I tells ya.

“Sita” screens at 3pm tomorrow at Empire Bio. If you’re reading this and in Copenhagen, please come! We can hang out afterwards. NATFILM is nothing if not intimate.

Photos after I return next week.


Author: Nina Paley

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2 thoughts on “Copenhagen so far”

  1. Love the film. Especially the way you gracefully move between different animation techniques. Pity about the sound failing (and that it clipped right at the most crucial scene) – but as someone said, it could not take the focus from the film. I was looking forward to this film and it surely didn’t disappoint.

    Hope you enjoy the stay in Copenhagen and best wishes.


  2. Hi Nina,
    Thank you for such a cool film! -I really enjoyed hearing what you had to say afterwards today.I did not known anything about the film before I sat there and I must say you are an inspiration. I will spread the word of this beautiful and amazing film!
    Enjoy your stay!
    Line/ Nerd Girl

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