Sita FAQ #126: How can I get the DVD?


I’m getting a lot of requests for Sita Sings the Blues DVDs, but unfortunately they’re not yet available for sale. The film’s sales rep has asked until the end of July to try to make a deal with a US distributor. I can’t release a DVD before then, because distributors all want DVD rights. Also, most festivals won’t accept films that are already available on DVD. So for now, we must wait. By the end of the Summer, Sita will either have a distributor, with an estimated release date for the DVD; or Sita won’t have a distributor, in which case I’ll publish and sell DVDs myself. Thank you for your patience!


Author: Nina Paley

Animator. Director. Artist. Scapegoat.

9 thoughts on “Sita FAQ #126: How can I get the DVD?”

  1. I’m just sitting here wearing my brand new Sita Sings The Blues T shirt, patiently waiting for my chance to buy a DVD. Hope you get a kick ass distributor & lots of $$$$$!

  2. Wish you the best.
    I’ll get the school to up my copy with one for the library.

  3. What about a theatrical release first? I don’t know anything about how this stuff works, but I think you should try to get it into theaters before releasing it onto DVD. I saw this film at Tribeca and think it would do great in art house theaters (like the Angelika here in Manhattan, where I saw the wonderful indie animated feature “Persepolis” several months ago…). Well, whatever happens with your film, I wish you all the best. My husband and I loved it at Tribeca!

  4. i’m dying for it to come back to Seattle so that i can get more people to see it.
    if you don’t score a distributor, you might want to contact the folks who did Outsourced about their direct distribution project and how it worked for them. it sold very well at the theater in my neighborhood.

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