High Res “Sita” Stills, wiki

Big ol’ hi-res “Sita” PNGs now at archive.org! They’re suitable for print publication.

More coming, as I get time to deal with everything. Whenever that is.

Speaking of which, does anyone want to help make the “Frequently Asked Interview Questions” part of the Sita FAQ? This would involve going through all the interviews I’ve done about Sita Sings the Blues (a few are linked to here, the rest need to be googled), determining which questions are asked over and over again, and consolidating the answers based on what I’ve already said. If I tackle it now that’ll mean another day I don’t get to the new DVD packaging and other tasks I have to do myself. We’ve got a wiki; I’m still learning how to use it, but feel free to start a FAQ there with a brand new FAQ section. Thanks!


10 thoughts on “High Res “Sita” Stills, wiki”

  1. Hi Nita,

    I loved your version of Ramayana…very very true….being Indians we blindly follow it….but you have raised lots of unspoken questions about these story….which is what we as graphic designers do it in NID.

  2. There’s a new 15-gig file on the archive.org server with no file extension, called “SSTB_1080_FINAL_2009_02”. Anyone have any idea what it is?
    (it appeared about the same time as the 195-gig uncompressed quicktime version…)

  3. It’s the HDV 1080_24p version. Super high quality – if you’re patient enough to download it. We use the same file to make HDcam tapes for theatrical screenings.

  4. Thanks for the explanation. BTW did you happen to get the e-mail i sent just a bit prior to my above comment? [just making sure it may not be lost in the shuffle ;-)]

  5. Yes Please!
    I would love to hear a director’s commentary version of the movie.
    Art is interpreted in personal ways but it is always interesting to hear the creator’s intent and interpretation.
    In this case, things like the movie’s ending, Sita’s return to earth, the opening sequence etc will benefit from a director’s commentary.
    Also it makes an excellent Soap box to speak out about the copyright mess.

  6. I saw Sita Sings the Blues in the Parkway Theatre in Minneapolis this weekend and was blown away. Fantastic!

    I assume that the film was projected digitally and felt that the resolution was inadequate for the large screen. Is there a higher-resolution version planned? If not, is it lack of $$ or technological? If the former, is there an effort to raise $$? I think this deserves the best showcases and would contribute to that effort as well.

  7. Hey Nina

    I’m Edlyn and I work for The Asian Age, a newspaper in India. I read about your Sita Sings the Blues on the New York Times and I’d love to do a story on you and your inspiration behind it, since it’s something our readers would love to hear about. You do some pretty amazing work! If you are interested, you can email me on eeekster@gmail.com and I will send you a list of questions.

    Thanks and have a good day

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