Sita Subtitles needed!

We need Sita subtitled in as many languages as possible!

See the Subtitles wiki page.

Attention subtitlers:

If your subtitle files are ready before the upcoming DVD is mastered, we will include them on the upcoming “official” DVD. The DVD will be authored the week of March 23, 2009. Thanks!


4 comments to Sita Subtitles needed!

  • Drakar

    I’m not sure if this counts, but the DVD version i’ve been working on has English subtitles which are now nearly perfectly synched and edited (only took me 4 days, hehe). It also (now) has chapter menus with preview pictures, and the trailer is included as an extra. I can provide the version I’ve made if it’s needed, though I figure someone else already has / has plans to do an “official” one for the DVD.

  • Doug

    I’ll do my best and try making the Dutch subtitles. See if I can manage it together with my school work >_

  • Adriana

    Oh, I WISH it has Spanish subtitles before that date. I am dying to show your films to my friends in Cuba.

  • paolo

    Hi Nina, I read just today about subtitles. Friday I meet my Czech teacher, she is a translator and she told me, she can give a try to make Czech subtitles

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