25 thoughts on “Copying Isn’t Theft”

  1. I am surprised at myself at leaving a comment. Because I am not a musician or a poet, my little verse , will show it.
    And the way our world works now, I’m not even sure, about this copyright, issue.
    but on the internet, I can go hide, again.

    God , he made a Son
    You can too, if you want too.
    He said copying, would be fun,
    Copyright not needed, to make one.

    I will deny, that I wrote this post. 🙂

  2. 1. Dust off Ouija Board.
    2. Send lyrics and music of “Copying Isn’t Theft” to the shade of Annette Hanshaw.
    3. Hire female channeler (preferably one with pleasing voice).
    4. Record her performing Annette’s interpretation.
    5. Arrange and record accompaniment for ’20s-style jazz band.
    6. Mix.
    7. Dust off Ouija Board again and thank Annette.

  3. Someone needs to mix this into a really catchy song with video to go along with it, and post it as a YouTube response to that shithead “Steal Everything” video Kid Rock posted several months ago.

  4. Piracy Verse:

    Copying isn’t piracy,
    It isn’t murder and pillage on the sea
    It’s sharing things between you and me
    That isn’t piracy.

  5. Would it be possible to post copies of the song somewhere in Ogg Vorbis (audio), FLAC (lossless audio), or Ogg Theora (video)? As you may be aware, the formats the songs are available in are patent-encumbered, which means that depending on where in the world you are (and what “Trade Related Intellectual Property” treaties your government has signed with the US), they can’t legally be remixed or even played using free software.

  6. I just now emailed you my version of the copying isn’t theft song. Curt Clendenin-vocals/guitar. John Garside-sound effects (myspace.com/maxneptune)

  7. Dear Nina,

    Colleagues of mine recently attended the SXSW Interactive and Music Conference and ran into a client of ours from PBS, Collin Fitzpatrick. He mentioned that he recently conducted an interview with you and shared with us your views on intellectual property law and your support of Creative Commons. Consequently, Collin thought that we should know about each other. Hence, the reason for my email!

    If you’re not yet familiar with us, Indaba Music is website community made up of professional and semi-professional musicians, currently 150k strong in over 170 different countries. Utilization of our session console essentially allows for our community to become a unique group of music content creators and collaborators and moreover, the collaboration naturally leads to a social component. We are big advocates of Creative Commons!! So, I invite you to check us out, create a profile and start to collaborate!

    Good luck with all of your projects and let us know what you’re working on.

    Best Reagards,

    Heather Henninger

  8. Hi Nina,

    I recently discovered you through a website I visit regularly. Just wanted to say thanks for sharing this catchy tune. I loved Sita Sings the Blues and look forward to seeing what you do next. I hope you get to be exactly as famous as you want to be!

    All the best!


  9. Could you imagine Sita as a full-fledged Broadway musical? or play? The music, the costumes, the intermission LOL! It would translate very well. The movie is *already* a cult hit.

    Unfortunately, I do not know anyone. 🙁

  10. Are you familiar with the band, Negativland? I have a T-shirt they sold which says “Copyright Infringement is Your Best Entertainment Value.”

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