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THE STORE IS LIVE AND OPEN FOR BUSINESS! Finally you can buy DVDs and T-Shirts. Hooray!

Re: Shirt Designs: We are taking pre-orders until Wednesday June 10, after which shirts go immediately into production. Shirts ordered before June 10 will ship June 17. To make sure the design you want comes into existence, please order it NOW.




P.S. Feel free to copy any of these standard-sized web ads here.

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  1. Oops – 4 designs are supposed to be hidden. We need to make it impossible to order them, otherwise we’ll have some disappointed customers, as those shirts won’t exist for months. Fixing now – thanks for the comment!

  2. I just ordered a DVD! Cool! FYI, I bookmarked the original store url and just happened to look at the blog today and see that the store is live, but in a different location – might be cool to go update, or make it forward to the new one, since many of us have been checking it every so often to see when it was ready.

    Looking forward to getting the DVD!

  3. Is there any difference in the content between the standard DVD and the artist edition DVD? Do you have any details on some more specific aspects – like which subtitle tracks made it onto the disc, and whose versions were used?

    Will any consideration be given to people who made online donations beforehand? Or likewise, to those who authored subtitle tracks / did other work?

  4. The data on both DVDs is exactly the same, only the packages differ (including the label silkscreened onto the DVD itself; Standard is orange, Artist’s is blue).

    I haven’t actually checked the subtitles yet, or even watched the new DVD myself (but friends say it plays fine). So even I don’t know what subtitles are on there yet. Certainly not all of them, because the ones on the wiki weren’t all formatted correctly by the time we made the DVD.

  5. Cool, thanks for the info. I’ll inevitably order one (i’m torn as to which – i’m the type who would break down and order both, heh).

    Any specific plans to make a DVD image downloadable? Or will it be left to one of us to make an image file and post to the wiki? I’d be happy to, but of course it would be far easier for someone who actually has one of the discs already.

  6. any possibility of 2XL bella tees? *blushes*

    The unisex go that high, and I’m a little concerned about the running small caveat. At the same time, I think a shape that accounts for ladybits is also necessary for me (could be wrong, no american apparels in my state)

  7. One other store comment – I didn’t see a link to the full Sita site anywhere on there…to get back to the blog or Sita site you have to type the URL in, unless I’m missing something?

  8. LOVE the t-shirt designs, just ordered one for myself. Would love to get one for my little one! Any chance of a kids line with the same prints?

  9. This was an adults only movie, right?.. I would hope that as a community we all agree that we’re working hard each and everyday to promote a healthy body image for young little girls. When I did research on the film, I was horrified to read that the story is about “Sita is a goddess separated from her beloved Lord and husband Rama. Nina is an animator whose husband moves to India, then dumps her by e-mail.”
    I think this is hardly appropriate material for kids.I haven’t seen the film yet, and I’m not sure I want to, but I might have to. if there is something I’m missing, please enlighten me.
    I do not appreciate the over sexualized body image of this character either. If it’s for adults, fine, but this movie was playing on a large wall in a public area in Hudson NY, and again, I was quite offended you took the liberty to publicly show this so openly. The breasts of this character were up to her neck. Her waist was as thin as a pencil. Very much reminded me of Bratz dolls. I would understand the humor of it if it’s geared towards adults, but I saw kids all over the place in the park where they were showing it, and i’m appalled. to me this is just as bad as the controversy behind the burger king ads. What is the difference.
    we shouldn’t send the message out to our young ladies that men/husbands are our “lords”. We also shouldn’t portray such a negative body image. I can’t believe out of all the wonderful positive shows you could have chosen for the fee movie night, you chose the most offensive possible.
    I think it was absolutely disgusting, and unless there something done about it, you can count my family and friends out of future events for TSL events.

    Concerned Hudson resident

  10. dear HR, your concern is uncalled for. i don’t know what is blinding you, but i) the movie shows multiple representations of sita, and the hour-glass figure (which is very much a celebrated voluptuous indian figure, true to the story’s roots and artistic depictions of sita) is just one of them, and ii) there is nothing offensive about it. kids around you probably know lines from southpark and britney’s flashing. the point is, there are limits for indecency, and certainly, depicting sita as voluptuous is far from it. what is “negative” about a beautiful and feminine woman?! if you want to protect your kids, why not prevent them from watching anorexic hollywood actors? now, isn’t *that* a negative influence? if you want to nitpick about sending messages to men, then this is one of most feministic movies in recent times. what a confluence of cultures! how seamlessly the ancient east, urban east, shadow puppets, 29’s jazz and the urban west blend! what attention to detail!

    why don’t you watch the movie before you argue (a very petty, dumb, and baseless argument)?

  11. I am planning on seeing this movie later this month and was wondering if it is appropriate for girls ages 10 and 12. Thank you.

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