Hey cinephiles and Free Culture fans: Channel 13, which initiated Sita’s online release through free streaming, is streaming a new film, Automatons! You can download it there at high-resolution too.


2 comments to AUTOMATONS

  • Randy James

    Awesome work….. I have no words left in my Armour to Praise great work…. i can only say these kind of work comes once in a millennium ….Awesome …Great work

  • Lynn

    Carla Speed McNeil put Sita in a short list of ‘things deserving more attention’ in a recent interview:

    “Only at film festivals so far, an inspired depiction of characters from the RAMAYANA juxtaposed with torch songs, some hella funny shadow puppet narration, and a personal memoir thrown in for good measure. Has plenty to say about love and mythology, and it’s pretty pretty pretty.”

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