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I’ve heard and read about Second Life, but I don’t go there because I don’t have enough time for my First Life. But for those of you with lives there, Scott Crawford writes:

…I now have Sita streaming on demand in the 2nd floor balcony hookah lounge of my club there, which is called Heck. If you’ve got Second Life installed, you can check it out here:

The screen has sort of a big screen tv/living room feel to it (I don’t currently have the resources to reopen the full movie theater I once had set up there), but I think the setup’s got cool ambience (unless you’re rabidly anti-drug, in which case, the hookah setup probably isn’t your cup of tea, as it’s not set up for tobacco, but we are talking virtual smoking rather than real smoking here), and if people click the screen, it offers them the option to go to the Sita site as well, so hopefully it kicks some more business and attention yours and the film’s way.

Thanks, Scott!


6 thoughts on “Sita Now Playing in Second Life”

  1. Hello! I just wanted to tell you how much I LOVE Sita Sings the Blues. I saw it last night for the first time, at the Palm Theater in SLO (my hometown). It is absolutely amazing, gorgeous, and lovely. It is on the list of my all time favorite movies now. 🙂 I love Sita!

    Thank you for creating this piece of art.


  2. Just watched the film on television at home and agree, best seen in theatre. BUT, CONGRATULATIONS on an AMAZING work of art. Truly stunning.

  3. P.S. wish I was still teaching; this would be agreat film to screen with girls and boys to discuss implications. AND, brings an important mythology to life.

  4. Wow. I know nothing of Second Life for the same reason as you, basically. My first life is way too time consuming. Anyway, this comment about where the film is playing in the virtual world, and the fact that there will be hookah smoking there. Hilarious. I’m so glad that a Second Lifer took it upon themselves to do this. Did I say the movie was rad? I saw it in Dolores Park the other day. Very inspiring. You are an amazing artist! I will make sure to pass the film around to friends that have not seen it. Thank you!!

  5. Just saw Sita at the Maui Film Festival under the stars in Wailea. Haven’t experienced that much creativity in a long time! We all loved it. I’ll be disappointed if it doesn’t win best animated film at the Academy Awards next year.

  6. Heck has moved, but Sita is still playing!

    Update your landmarks, folks:

    This is on the new adults-only continent (only people who have verified their payment information or done Second Life’s age verification thingy, either will do, can come to the new continent), but the view out the front window kills that which we had in our previous location.

    Why an adults-only continent? Well, apparently, despite the main Second Life grid being an 18+ environment to begin with, some adults are not mature enough to view mature content, so anything remotely “blue” is being shifted to other shores. No worries, like I said, Sita’s still playing, and if you go to the old location, you can get a landmark to the new one there, too.

    I now return you to your regularly scheduled Nina, already in progress!

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