NinaVision: my pre-Sita shorts now on


That’s right, The Stork, Fetch!, Fertco, Pandorama, The Wit and Wisdom of Cancer, and Lexi are all where they belong – at! Feel free to copy and share.


4 comments to NinaVision: my pre-Sita shorts now on

  • Drakar

    Excellent! I’ve been wanting a good-quality version of Fetch! for a while now (though there is also now one on the official DVD of course).
    Here’s a friendlier version of the link, btw:

  • Wonderful! I’ve been recommending your shorts to friends, but had found them missing on this site.

  • Dear Nina,

    The short showing before “Up” features storks and clouds. Do you think the creator(s) could have been inspired by “The Stork?” Have you heard anything?

    Your animated film “The Stork” is wonderfully different and politically pointed. I suspect it would not “fly” (smile) as an opener for a mainstream film. Btw, I think “Up” is a wonderful movie. What say you and other “posters”?

  • priyesh gandhi

    Ma`am, I loved your short-films as much as the “epic” film. I am awe-inspired by the fact that there has been just so much amount of thought put into each sequence and efforts that went into edit/animate them. Thanks a lot for making them free. I have recommended them too, to my friends. I have this crazy feeling that I am actually able to talk to the creator of this artpiece that didnt follow a conventional path of publication and yet is the talk of the town. Something which is so unique about you and I wouldnt have known about Annette Hanshaw if it were not for you. Thanks for all.

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