Sita screens in Paris Monday September 28!

At 8 or 8:30 pm! At a real cinema! I’ll post the cinema name and address as soon as the distributor sends it to me – soon – but if you’re in Paris tomorrow, please save the date and come by!

“Studio des Ursulines”
10, rue des Ursulines 75005 Paris
Metro Luxembourg

Merci a Christophe pour l’information!


Author: Nina Paley

Animator. Director. Artist. Scapegoat.

5 thoughts on “Sita screens in Paris Monday September 28!”

  1. Nice! The “Studio des Ursulines” is not “another cinema in Paris”, it is the first independant cinema of France to promote indepedant and arty movies. It exists since 1925.

    Nowadays, this cinema still back the independant cinema industry (if we can speak of an industry here…) while focusing on a dedicated to children programmation.

    It is one of my favorite movie in Paris, I like going to this cinema which looks like a tiny opera room from the 19th century.

    Congrats Nina!

  2. Hello Ms. Paley, my name is Nicholas Collins, sorry I had to contact you this way but it was the only way I can get a hold of you. I am an animation student at Cal State Fullerton. I am pursuing a career in independent animation. I was hoping if you have time if you could answer a few questions regarding your career. Thanks for your time.


  3. I’ll post this here, because I don’t know where it’s most appropriate.

    The excellent SITA is airing right now as pledge-break fuel on LINK. That’s cool, but they’re showing chunks of the movie out of order. The first scenes were from forty or more minutes in. The same scenes were shown again later. The opening cosmic musical bit was not aired. It’s a bad way to treat SITA…

  4. Hm. After showing random chunks of SITA for an hour and twelve minutes, including pledge breaks, LINK cut to some asian music videos. There must be some confused viewers among LINK’s relatively small audience.

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