Sita featured on YouTube’s front page today


‘Cause it’s International Animation Day. The complete film is up in one giant, 82-minute piece, at questioncopyright’s youtube account. There are no ads in the film; we’re working on making the page ads go away too, since is a registered nonprofit.

The comments indicate that the film is now reaching an, uh, wider audience.


Author: Nina Paley

Animator. Director. Artist. Scapegoat.

6 thoughts on “Sita featured on YouTube’s front page today”

  1. I finally, finally got around to watching Sita. Well, someone has to be the last person on the planet, right? Oh my, that music was tasty dee-lish. What a treat. Of course being a comix fan I wanted you to keep drawing Nina’s Adventures forever, but I can see why you wanted to work on a broader canvas.

  2. Of course when I tried to upload the whole movie they refused to give me the necessary account type, with no explanation or chance to appeal 🙁 So the QC version has been up for 3 days and already has 3x the views as the split-up version I’ve had up for months. It just makes me hate Youtube all the more.

  3. You did a huge service breaking “Sita” into chunks, since most youtube viewers are unwilling to watch anything longer than 10 minutes. Also if you look at the comments, your version was clearly reaching a more suitable audience. It’s embedded all over the place, too.

    The full-length version only got on questioncopyright’s account because I met a Youtube heirarch at a conference in London, and she asked if Youtube could feature “Sita” for Int’l Animation Day, and I said sure, go for it, it’s free, and she said it has to be my account, and I said it could be anyone’s account, I didn’t care, but I didn’t want to do the work of compressing it, and that others had tried getting the whole thing on there in one chunk but Youtube wouldn’t let them, so she said they’d do it if I gave them an account to use, and questioncopyright had such an account, and then it was up without my having to tear my hair out or anything. But I agree with you – anyone should be able to do this, especially generous volunteers like you! Had I not been at that conference, this never would have happened. Which would have been OK, because you put all those clips up. Thank you again!

  4. Nina, thanks for the feedback. It’s nice to feel appreciated (and I’m glad you follow the comments on my posting – many are good, some are goofy.. but the comments on QC’s are just inexplicable).

    BTW, I hope you’ll briefly check out the following review of Motorola’s “Droid” phone:
    Pay particular attention to the 8th paragraph. O:-)

  5. Hey there! Just wanted to let you know how much I adored this film! I had just finished reading the Ramayana for the first time for an Eastern Religions class, so when I saw something about Sita on Youtube’s front page I was naturally curious. I especially love the mixture of animation styles! You so rarely see that, and it’s quite refreshing!

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