Weezer gets it right

Content is Free, Containers are not; the commerce in mass art is all in the packaging. Hats off to band Weezer for devising the most brilliant CD packaging ever:

It would be even better without the copy restrictions on the content, but they seem to comprehend that those are irrelevant to making money. It’s all in the packaging, people.


Author: Nina Paley

Animator. Director. Artist. Scapegoat.

4 thoughts on “Weezer gets it right”

  1. Fox TV censored the video you embedded. Since you don’t say much about why you embedded it, I have no idea whether Fox TV has any actual copy”right” to do that or not.

  2. So… they are actually selling the CD, but packaging it with a snuggie in order to get better distribution…?

  3. Not for better distribution, for more money. Musicians know they get the best distribution from people simply sharing their music digitally. Money comes from packaging. Content is free (whether or not they acknowledge that with a free license) but containers are not. Here they are packaging the content in a more valuable container than a mere jewel case. And the “snuggie” is more valuable because of its content – the connection with Weezer.

  4. Interesting. I gather they did re-shoot this, right? It’s not a “remixed” version of a “Snuggie” commercial — and they’re presumeably sourcing the snuggie from that company anyway, right? ISTM that Fox wouldn’t have _any_ basis to censor this, or am I wrong?

    I gotta say though that there is something very bizarre feeling about this. I’m not really a Weezer fan, so maybe I don’t “get” them, but what I’ve heard sounds very incongruous with the Snuggie image. The words “sell out!” keep bubbling up, even if only ironically, along with “this is a prank, isn’t it?”. I wonder how well this is going over with their fans?

    The world is getting weirder every day (suits me). 🙂

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