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  • John Bujack

    Hello Nina.
    I have been a diehard fan of you and your work since your first episode was released onto the internet all those years ago.
    Back then I downloaded every episode as it was released and still have them today.

    I am delighted that you have survived and prospered (??) in your determination to disseminate your work to the world.

    I suggest the Black fabric since it makes a marvelous contrast with Sitas’ bright colouring. (Professional Photographer for over 30yrs and 30yrs amateur before that….Now 75.5 years young)
    Also the black is more likely to look more chic on a nighttime outing for the ladies, as befits Sita.

    In fact I can imagine my Granddaughter mother of three of her own adorable daughters wearing it. She is a TV and advertising model and professional ballroom dancing instructor. It would look perfect on her. I will try to purchase one for her.

    When that happens, I promise to send you a photo of her in it.

    Sincerest best wishes.

    John. Cairns, Queensland, Australia.

  • Signe

    We like the black t shirt here. My daughter and I would like to buy some Sita Sings the Blues merchandise, but everything is sold out. Is there anything available?

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