Sita returns to the IFC Film Center, this weekend and next

Another chance to see Sita Sings the Blues on the big screen in New York!

Nothing compares to a real cinema: a big dark room, quality projection, and your fellow human beings who briefly transform from strangers into a community as they experience art together.

6 comments to Sita returns to the IFC Film Center, this weekend and next

  • […] Nina Paley, announcing that Sita Sings The Blues is screening at the IFC Film Center in New York this weekend […]

  • Kapil Ayyawar

    That was really great movie, I’m just waiting to see another movie from you, this time staring Jesus Christ!!

  • Kapil Ayyawar

    LOL, I was bit sarcastic!!

    I’m atheist, I’m trying to understand what ur trying to do, but, some how it feels like attack on belief system which is really sensitive part!! I’m not completely sure people gonna rethink their belief system after watching. Can you help me in this question??

  • It’s not an attack. I love the Ramayana and Hindus and Hinduism. The Ramayana is just a really great story that moved me to make this personal interpretation. If it feels like an attack, you’re misreading it.

  • Kapil Ayyawar

    I’ll defiantly agree, and i enjoyed it. As long as someone doesn’t take it personal its cool, like i said, its really sensitive. But, unfortunately i been noticing some people using this as weapon to criticize!!
    At End I appreciate ur creative thinking, and Cartoonist 🙂

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