Mimi and Eunice: the challenge continues

So I missed my whole trip to California due to a badly-timed cold. Which means I have lots of time on my hands to bang my head into the wall that is the Mimi & Eunice web site.

I hired a developer who started building a beautiful new system in Ruby on Rails, only to discover that my web host, Media Temple, has a relatively wonky and outdated Ruby setup. That led the site to disappear for a few days. It’s potentially a really nice system (though it still has some kinks in it), but I may have to switch web hosts if I want to rely on it.

So I started uploading the strips in plain old WordPress, which is excellent in all ways but one some: the images don’t show up in all RSS feeders, they don’t show up in Facebook, and I can’t find a way to generate simple embed code for them. What am I talking about? Behold what I want, as shown on the fine comics site qwantz:

See that code it automatically generates that lets you embed any comic? I spent a day searching for a wordpress plugin that does that, and still can’t find one. Help?

And I don’t know why my Mimi & Eunice comics don’t show up in the RSS Feed in Firefox, but they do in other browsers. I already did this, and installed the AbsoluteRSS plugin. But I still can’t see the images in Firefox. Help?

I just want Mimi & Eunice to be as easily shared as possible. Help appreciated, but please don’t suggest ComicPress. Been there, done that, it has a lot of problems. Also my budget is exhausted of $$ to pay for consultants, since the Ruby on Rails project consumed it all. The nice thing about the simple WordPress setup is that each comic displays at a small size (640 pixels wide) but links to a high-res (2400 pixels wide) image suitable for printing. That’s important to me, because I want to encourage all kinds of sharing, including paper publishing. The current site has all the features I want except image embedding. Please tell me there’s a solution. Thanks. I love you.

Update: Brett Thompson has made an embed code generator for Mimi & Eunice! It looks big and text-y today but Brett says he will spruce up its appearance tomorrow. But you can start embedding Mimi & Eunice comics RIGHT NOW!


Author: Nina Paley

Animator. Director. Artist. Scapegoat.

8 thoughts on “Mimi and Eunice: the challenge continues”

  1. I can show you how to manually make links like that for your comic (to “share”) if you’re not familiar with code, but the only way to get that function automatically might be just to hire a WordPress developer.

  2. Off Topic but….

    I just wanted to offer my congratulations to you for being chosen for a 2010 IP3 award for your work on behalf of Intellectual Property reform.

    Thank you for all that you’ve done/are doing.

  3. Nina, I was going to publish my webcomic (THE DEUCE) on ComicPress, and then I was persuaded that Mike Sisk’s Webcomic/Inkblot was a better way to go, but I eventually settled on Matt Jacobs’s PanelFlow platform, which is currently featured on his site WeVolt.com. I was impressed that PanelFlow was used by Arcana Comics, which has been a fast comer on the mainstream comics scene, and that Matt’s company has lately signed a deal with Wowio. PanelFlow seems to be having a few hiccups right now, as he upgrades the platform, but you might want to give it some consideration.

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