Messing around in Moho 12

Some little tests and experiments using the new animation software I’m studying (formerly Anime Studio Pro; actually was called Moho before that.)

car and bike_6

Hor to Draw a Bicycle


How to Draw a Minotaur


Quick sketch with bone rig and “action” I exported and imported into the Minotaur file above

Nina face mesh3_1

Mesh Warping (selfie from the last time I was in a doctor’s office)

Nina face pin bones_2

Pin Bones and background masking

A Pony for Vermin Supreme

A Pony for Vermin Supreme


5 comments to Messing around in Moho 12

  • Where would you be without that healthy sense of humor!

  • George Wyche

    Thanks for coming back to post here. I missed you.

  • So, do tell. Is this the Flash replacement you/we have all been hoping for? Does it have all the necessary features? Easy enough to figure out? Worth it?

  • It’s not a Flash replacement, it’s quite different. And I am struggling to learn it. It’s very powerful though.

  • Wow, SmithMicro now owns Poser, blast from the past.

    Poser, Bryce, Creature House Expression and Ray Dream 3D were all cool graphic products from the 90s that got bought and sold, joined together and split up in a long weird pedigree that continues to this day.

    I owned and loved Ray Dream for 3D modelling, then got stung by the proprietary software curse: the product such as it was vanished, and all my skills and portfolio of work suddenly became trash.

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