Bike Ride

Bike Ride to Homer Lake from Nina Paley on Vimeo.

On this lovely day, April 12 2017, I attached my iPhone to my recumbent bike and used an app called “OSnap!” to take a picture every 3 seconds on a 30-mile bike trip. A few of the frames are upside-down, I guess going over bumps affected the phone’s uppy-downy sensors. Music is “Curley Shirley” by Otto Sieben.


2 comments to Bike Ride

  • The accompanying sound was so well chosen.
    I’ve ridden a recumbent since 2005 or so. Picked it up used from Austin’s “Easy Street Recumbents” when it was still operated out of a house.
    It would have been a thrill to get have 20 “snapshot”s of your recumbent (long enough to get about 2 seconds amongst those of the travelogue).

    You really are a person of “Now for something entirely different”.

  • This turned out really cool! I’ll have to check out that app. Thanks for sharing, Nina.

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