The Birth of YHWH

The Birth of YHWH from Nina Paley on Vimeo.

Music: “Schopska Pesen” (Diaphonic Chant) performed by the Bulgarian State Radio & TV Female Vocal Choir, c 1987
Used to Love Her” by Guns N’ Roses, c 1988

In a recent essay, I wrote:

God used to be female. All of Her attributes were taken over by the male God. Creation, fertility, vegetation, the bringing forth of food, life and death – all that was once the Goddess’s is now God’s. It’s like the male God put on Her clothes, and then “identified” as Her, and there’s no Goddess any more.

This short clip began as an attempt to illustrate that.



Author: Nina Paley

Animator. Director. Artist. Scapegoat.

3 thoughts on “The Birth of YHWH”

  1. the worst we can do is to seperate women from men.
    vive la petite différence.
    i thought god is inexistent?
    can she be fertile without seed?
    can he bring fruits without her?
    isn’t life bipolar?
    neither black or white can exist without the other.
    i guess before there was such a thing like monotheism, there was no seperation between godesses and gods, each had its rightous place.
    but i guess it was neither the intention of monotheism to say god has a gender, it has no shape, it’s a big fault to project our view in it.
    i give a damn about any god, i don’t need it.
    an often by me used symbol is the egg, a dot with a snake sourrounding which bites her own tail, clearly bipolar, the dot and the symbol at all is female, but the snake is obviousely a phallic symbol (i guess this symbol is known to all mankind, everyone will understand it and you can’t debate about).
    i don’t like if either one is claimed to be superior to the other.
    really it wasn’t the idea to give god a gender and well if you ask me one of the reasons why moses (as far as he lived at all) was so mad.
    “you did it again, you projected your thoughts into it!”
    overall i hope you haven’t been taken in to much by your ancestors 🙂
    keep up the good work!

    why is dead depicted usually male? (not in all cultures)
    it neither has a gender, dead is clearly genderless
    “i have no gender, no color of skin and no color of hair”
    is everything which is bad and destructive simply male?
    is that good?
    is it true at all?

    i’m very sorry, but one can’t exist without the other and the rest brings no fruits.
    such is nature she (grin) didn’t asks what we think about, it simply is.

    funny no nature is female and war is male, who said that this is proper depicted?
    we projectet this into it, it’s not carved into stone.

    in my humble opinion, the idea of monotheism was to get rid of all these presumptions.
    because they clearly lead to misunderstanding, seperation, suppression and war.
    one says male the other female and we have already a reason to fight.
    what we made out of it is written in a different chapter.

  2. hello Nina.
    next week I’m going to go to Jelsalem.
    please watch “Eden Media”
    Ithink that our god Yhwh is a victim of the nephilim’s vandalism.
    and our good Imperial Household is Descendants of Anunnaki,too.
    All pagan gods & goddesses are final form of the falling angels.

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