Seder-Masochism Wikipedia article

Screenshot 2018-09-10 11.40.21 Screenshot 2018-09-10 11.40.49

Today (September 10 2018) it was on Wikipedia’s main page, so I got screenshots for posterity. The article itself is here. As of my last reading it had not yet been defaced by misogynists! But sooner or later it will be.

Screenshot 2018-09-10 12.04.14


2 comments to Seder-Masochism Wikipedia article

  • Will Shetterly

    You should take bets—will the worst kind of trans activists or the worst kind of Zionist or the worst kind of fundamentalist alter it first?

  • Bink

    The first vandalism was some idiot from Macao attempting and failing to post a dick pick, apparently targeting every article that had a link on the Main Page of Wikipedia.

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