Seder-Masochism festivals, September-October 2018

Festivals marked with * and Bold are ones I’m attending in person!


Athens International Film Festival
Athens, Greece
September 19-30

Syros, Greece
September 26-30

Ottawa International Animation Festival
Ottawa, Canada
September 26-30 2018

Vancouver International Film Festival
Vancouver, Canada
September 27-October 12 (SM screenings October 3 & 4)

Mill Valley Film Festival
Mill Valley, CA
October 4-14 (SM screenings October 8 & 9)

The Goddess Animated
Capitola, CA
October 14

Animation Is Film
Los Angeles CA
October 19-21 (SM screening October 19)

Fredrikstad Animation Festival
Fredrikstad, Norway
October 25-28

AniNation International Animation festival
Jerusalem, Israel
October 24-27

Big Cartoon Festival
Moscow, Russia
October 26-November 3



8 comments to Seder-Masochism festivals, September-October 2018

  • Chris

    Hi, Nina. Do you have already an estimate for the official release date online? Only please don’t say it would appear on Passover’s eve, even though that would be a good joke by itself 🙂

  • Adriana

    “A Festival in the SF Bay Area I Can’t Name Until September 6”
    hahahahaha As in the Mill Valley Film Festival??

    I want a cookie.
    Or your movie in at a festival I can go to. Like the Miami Film Festival, or – even better! – the Havana Film Festival.
    Or a link to watch your movie.

  • I will Free Seder-Masochism online in late January.

  • Seder-Masochism will be at a festival in Miami that I also can’t name, in January.

  • Bink

    Mill Valley lists the film on their “Premieres” page:

  • Bink

    The new-ish Wikipedia article about the film is scheduled for a listing on Wikipedia’s main page on Saturday afternoon, Sept 8, in the “Did you know?” section. This will likely increase the number of page views by a few thousand.

  • Adriana

    Nina, you are too funny. But now I’m completely at sea. Because the Miami International Film Festival (for which I’ve worked, and it was not a good experience) is in March. That was my first guess.
    So a riddle! Gooood. I’ll find out, and I’ll work for it, or volunteer or something. So I can meet you, and bring my world famous Spanish lentils. And some money too. For watching Sita 50 times and not paying a dime for it.

  • Adriana

    Oh, I know! The Jewish Film Festival! Bum! Less than 2 minutes. God, I’m good.

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