Like Unto the Son of Man

This is supposed to be “one like unto the son of man” with “a sharp twoedged sword” coming “out of his mouth”. However, the sword looks a lot like a necktie. I dunno, all my research of this vision shows me no clever solutions to the sword-out-the-mouth deal. Some Jesii look like they’re holding the sword in their mouth the way a dog holds a bone; others just have a sword floating somewhere near the face. I’m trying to limit the design to 64 points so it can morph with the other designs (lion, lamb, cathedral, rose windows, etc.). And yes I’ll add the 7 stars in his hand and flaming eyes and stuff later.


Author: Nina Paley

Animator. Director. Artist. Scapegoat.

One thought on “Like Unto the Son of Man”

  1. No great insight here. I just want to say that your film ‘This Land Is Mine’ is wonderful. I have watched it dozens of times and I shall be happy to make a PayPal contribution to reflect the pleasure I have gained from watching it.

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