Coming Soon to a Bicycle Wheel Near You!


Thanks to her open license, Sita is gracing Star Simpson’s amazing bike wheel LED display:

“…one of the things I’ve been doing is trying to find good Creative Commons-licensed/free use images for MonkeyLectric’s POV bike wheel demos, so that we can make and publish videos showing what our bike wheel display can do, without fear of litigation, and it’s been a bit tough to find good images that work really well on our wheel. UNTIL! I learned of the animated movie Sita Sings the Blues…”

Yes, she will be animated. Free Culture: on the cutting edge of awesome.


Help the University of Illinois Library Help “Nina’s Adventures”

They need $7,000 to scan, prep, and upload my entire comics oeuvre, including Nina’s Adventures and Fluff. Under a Creative Commons Share Alike license, of course, so everyone can see, share, use, and build on them.

The Library is looking for…

$7,000 for Digital Content Creation to digitize a collection of the original comic strip art boards of Nina Paley, an Urbana-born cartoonist and animated filmmaker, whose award-winning animated film Sita Sings the Blues was reviewed by Roger Ebert as “astonishingly original” and selected by him for screening at Ebertfest 2009 in Champaign.
Her cartoon series include Nina’s Adventures (self-syndicated) and Fluff (distributed internationally by Universal Press Syndicate).  Nina’s Adventures was a semi-autobiographical, often experimental, alternative weekly comic strip that delivered incisive commentary on consumerism, overpopulation, and other social issues.  Ms. Paley is interested in making her artwork openly and freely available for distribution and reuse.
If interested please call the Library: (217) 333-5683


High Res “Sita” Stills, wiki

Big ol’ hi-res “Sita” PNGs now at! They’re suitable for print publication.

More coming, as I get time to deal with everything. Whenever that is.

Speaking of which, does anyone want to help make the “Frequently Asked Interview Questions” part of the Sita FAQ? This would involve going through all the interviews I’ve done about Sita Sings the Blues (a few are linked to here, the rest need to be googled), determining which questions are asked over and over again, and consolidating the answers based on what I’ve already said. If I tackle it now that’ll mean another day I don’t get to the new DVD packaging and other tasks I have to do myself. We’ve got a wiki; I’m still learning how to use it, but feel free to start a FAQ there with a brand new FAQ section. Thanks!


Downloadable at

Thanks to Ian Albinson of Art of the Title, there’s now a high quality (albeit smaller than HD) downloadable 480p QuickTime H.264 at More formats and sizes on the way! If you manage to download this, please consider offering it on your own host and leaving a link in the comments posting a link on the Sita Wiki.

Also, we’re revamping It’s still a work in progress, but notice the new text on the home page and this hard-to-find essay.