Greetings from Novi Sad

I’m currently at a VERY well-organized film festival in Serbia. They picked me up at the airport, assigned me my own handler, put me in a top hotel, gave me a detailed personal schedule, fed me, got me a local SIM card for my cell phone, drove me everywhere on time…and this is their first year! It’s organized by the same people who’ve done a music festival in Novi Sad for 8 years in a row, and their experience handling complex logistics and tempermental egomaniacal artists shows. Sita had two well-attended outdoor screenings. Now I get to relax and sight-see until I return to Geneva Sunday. 

Thanks everyone who sent kind words about the Annecy win. I still can hardly believe it. What a strange world! I love you all.


Upcoming Festivals, June-July 2008

Seattle International Film Festival May 25 and 26 (I can’t attend, alas)

Annecy Animation Festival June 9-14 – I’ll be there

Cinema City in Novi Sad, Serbia, June 14-21 – I’ll be there too

Avignon/New York Film Festival June 25-29 – and there too I will be

Taipei Film Festival June 20-July 6 – I will probably miss this, unless someone buys me a ticket from France to Taiwan for June 30. Anyone?

British National Library July 8 – yes I will be there! Why do you think I’m subletting my apartment?

And then I will come back to NY for at least a week.