Back from Portland

The Platform Animation Festival was a big success, classy from start to finish. The Sita Sings the Blues work-in-progress screening went exceptionally well. The theater was beautiful, the projection system outstanding, and the audience was exceedingly kind and generous. I sampled some fine films, hung out with old friends and colleagues, and met some very cool people for the first time. And now I must get back to work!

Opera Jawa

opera_jawa1.jpgHere’s a beautiful and fascinating new film for Ramayana afficianados: Opera Jawa by Indonesian director Garin Nugroho. It’s currently doing festival rounds and specialty screenings (like the one I attended last night at the Asia Society) but hopefully will gain wider distribution. As a freaky surreal art-house spectacle it’s not really destined for mainstream audiences, but every big city and college town could handle it. If it screens near you, run don’t walk.