“a tiny slice of the world”

Apparently an American distributor rejected Sita Sings the Blues because, culturally, “it only relates to a tiny slice of the world.”


7 comments to “a tiny slice of the world”

  • Wow. That’s just… wow. Must be a rude awakening for those billions of people living over there…

  • N'sM

    Obviously a legs and pie guy.

  • Yup the distributor is right. For frogs in a well, the sky seems to be just a tiny blue circle. :) I guess “culturally” speaking if it isn’t “Scariest Police Videos” then it doesn’t really represent what the world wants to see.

    And of course, marketing teams at all the other companies are idiots since they waste so much time these days, falling head over heels, to understand Asian markets.

    My sympathies.

  • paolo

    Indeed, I guess that Beverly Hills is a bigger slice of the world than Southern Asia…

  • Jeff Weiner

    Really! Some people don’t even have any taste in their mouths…

  • The more I think about it, “Sita Sings the Blues” seems like a “love story”. Or is it a “love gone wrong” story? or is it a “Is Love Really What We Think It Is?” story?

    It relates to anyone who has ever been in love, or who has considered being in love. So I guess that’s what they mean by a “tiny slice of the world”….

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