Two Millennia of Centuries

If you’ve wondered why my creative output this summer has been relatively thin, it’s because I spend most of my energy and time biking (and recovering, eating, bike maintenance, route planning, looking at maps, etc.) in the warmer months. Once it gets cold and I’m stuck inside again with no place to go but inward, I hope to continue work on my Animated Apocalypse.

In the Book of Revelation, the Millennium is a thousand-year reign of peace prior to the “second resurrection” and end of the world. If a Millennium needs to pass before the Apocalypse can be completed, maybe my own Millennium would enable my little animation project to be completed. So, I set out to bicycle 10 centuries (hundred-mile rides).

The First Century

The Second Century

The Third Century

The Fourth Century

The Fifth Century

The Sixth Century

The Seventh Century

The Eighth Century

The Ninth Century

The Tenth Century

I reached my goal in July, but instead of getting back to work on my project, I rode yet another century, initiating a Second Millennium:

The Eleventh Century

Just as the world didn’t end a thousand years after Christ, my project stalled too. Here in Reality we’re already in the Twenty-First Century, and Time hasn’t stopped yet, although it certainly feels like The End Is Near. So I figured, what the hell, I’ll do another ten centuries, that’ll put my Apocalypse more in sync with the mythological one.

The Twelfth Century

The Thirteenth Century

The Fourteenth Century

The Fifteenth Century

The Sixteenth Century

The Seventeenth Century

The Eighteenth Century

The Nineteenth Century

The Twentieth Century

Now that two Millennia have passed, will my Apocalypse proceed? Maybe, but first I need a nap.


“Midwest MountainGoat” for me and other Midwest Cyclists

I’m part of an online group for Midwest Cyclists. This month our ringleader, Cliff, issued a challenge to climb 15,000 feet. In Central Illinois, particularly Champaign County, this is harder than it sounds. Some riders cheated by driving to better start locations, but all my rides started and ended at home in Urbana, which meant I had to go crazy long distances just to get to something resembling terrain. So in addition climbing almost 20,000 feet in August, I also rode over 1,000 miles.

Did I mention I’ve ridden 15 centuries (100+ mile rides) so far this year? I keep thinking I’ll blog about it, but I continue procrastinating instead. Easier to think about my next long ride than to write about it. (You can see what I’ve been up to at )

Cycling clears my mind so effectively that in high season I hardly do anything else. I’m either riding, or recovering, or eating (big calorie deficits!), or fiddling with my bikes (I got another new-to-me vintage recumbent this summer), or staring at maps, or just generally procrastinating until I can bike again. Hence, not much drawing and even less (i.e. no) animation. Colder weather will force me inside, literally and figuratively, where my attention will eventually re-engage with artistic creativity. Until then, I’m just a pedaling animal like this mountain goat.


$100 Drawing LIVE

In November, this recumbent nerd was featured on the Laidback Bike Report:

I subsequently joined the show’s regular “panel” of recumbent nerds. Since this involves mostly listening to other recumbent nerds for an hour or more, I used that time to make this $100 Drawing:

We’re gonna make that a regular thing, where I make a $100 Drawing live on the show, with occasional thrilling shots like this:

The next Laidback Bike Report is Sunday January 3 at 2pm EST. If you commission a $100 Drawing between now and then, I could draw it live. I actually need some method to choose which commission to do live; right now I’ll just pick one. We don’t know if there’s really demand for this thrilling media opportunity. If there is, maybe we could create a way to “reserve” the Live spot, via a premium. Suggestions welcome, please comment if you have any ideas.