Mon Dec 12, 6pm ET: Dreger-Wright Debate!

LIVE on MONDAY Dec 12 at 6pm EST! Alice Dreger and Colin Wright (not pictured) will DEBATE whether “Biological sex is real, immutable, and binary”

Tune in live to join us in the comments box!



Recent Drawings

I don’t want to promote $150 Drawings right now because I really need to focus on another project, so please don’t order any. Nonetheless, I have done a few recently:

“Goat Rodeo” for Pam
“Ladybug Hound” for Jason
“World’s Most Adorable TERF” for myself (and Elaine Miller and JK Rowling)
“Santa Mechanic” for Doug

What is this other project I need to focus on? A new comic book, Agents of H.A.G., starring Menopausal Woman and Sidekick:

So please don’t distract me. I have some weird starting-a-new-project anxiety and am procrastinating too much already.

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