“Cartoonist’s Armcandy” for Mark

This Hundred Dollar Drawing was commissioned after I posted B. Kliban’s classic over on fecebook:

Of course I and other cartoonists claimed that our lives are just like this, although I specified that my “arm candy” was different. Mark apparently wanted to know how, so now there’s this.


“Triking Adventurer” for Gary

Gary got a Deluxe Hundred Dollar Drawing package with all the bells and whistles: shipping of the original, a making-of video, and a picture of a bike, for which I now charge extra. Still, this drawing isn’t quite finished, as I left room for optional customization of the pennants and shield (that thing on the luggage carrier, behind the seat, on top of the pannier).

Update: here’s the final, custom-lettered version:


Bicycling is not a “Hobby”

It may be transportation, exercise, or a reason to live, but bicycling is not a “hobby”.

However, the following are:

  • collecting bikes
  • tracking miles
  • recording your speed on various devices
  • scouring online classifieds for more bikes
  • writing about bikes
  • singing about bikes
  • converting people to recumbents
  • reading bike forums
  • researching the fascinating history of your bike(s)
  • buying and selling used bikes
  • planning geowriting routes
  • collecting bike tools
  • arguing about bikes

Glad to clear that up.