IndieGoGo cancels Agents of H.A.G.

IndieGoGo just canceled  Agents of H.A.G, my first comic book in 30 years, AFTER the campaign successfully ended with 150% of goal. I already ordered books from the printer. Now all the money, all the orders, gone. No appeal, just gone.

I discussed this on the Heterodorx Podcast yesterday, please listen.
I’m traveling this weekend but I hope to have another plan for Agents of H.A.G. next week. Please stay tuned.
This is just another chapter in the story of my cancelation that began in 2017:
Please share.

Order Books

I’m going punk-rock DIY and filling orders by hand.

Media (list to be updated):

The Post Millennial:

FIRE discusses crowdfunders canceling comic books, including mine:

more to come…


Author: Nina Paley

Animator. Director. Artist. Scapegoat.

7 thoughts on “IndieGoGo cancels Agents of H.A.G.”

  1. Saw you on Newsmax, bought the comic. Count me in as a monthly subscrber. Keep up the good work! All the best, Kenny Anderson

  2. Really love your work and so appreciate your bravery and your outspokenness. Also, I finally know my true self: I am a Heterodork!

  3. My donation ain’t much but it signals my support for your work (signaling, that’s a thing right?). I listen to your podcast with Corina Cohn and am educated each and every episode. I so want to email you two because I have some humor to inject but I cannot find an email address for either of you. I am old, okay? I do pretty good on the tech stuff but getting left behind in the communications department. Anyway, if you’re interested in hearing the songs I have picked out for trans ‘women’ let me know!
    What got me onto this issue (trans insanity) is my friends young daughter, on the verge of puberty has cold feet and decided she’s a boy and her mother is all in for her pronoun change and support for her new ‘identity’. Her father is all ‘NO TOP SURGERY’. Thank goodness for that! But it’s goes so much deeper than that.
    The second thing that got my hackles up is Lia Thomas when she ‘won’ the women’s title…. need I say more? (With a wingspan of a Pterodactyl and 6′ something!). And Riley Gains story, which I didn’t know much about until recently. You have to actively seek out the info, usually landing on a right winger or Christian outlet, to get the story! MSNBC wouldn’t touch this with, well you know.
    I have no skin in the game as they say. I’m 66, no kids, but I’m a human and this human is concerned that someone like my friends daughter will have to tell a tale like Corinna did in WAPO.
    It’s hypocritical what happened to your work at the hands of the new politically correct. So my ten bucks isn’t gonna pull you out but it’s the thought that counts, right?
    So that’s all to say I listen to your podcasts with great interest. I appalled at Indiegogo. I support your work. I hope you hear back from you to share the songs. Really, it’ll make you two laugh, unless of course, you’ve already come up with it yourselves.
    All the best.

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