The store, she is taking forever

Now the problem is the payment authorization service is delaying…and we can’t take orders until that’s set up…so we wait and wait. And then right when we think we’re done, some new technical glitch presents itself. It’s driving me crazy. I’m really hoping it can go live by Monday…

But we are getting closer. Click on the eentsy image below for a sneak peek screenshot of the store-in-progress.



Help the University of Illinois Library Help “Nina’s Adventures”

They need $7,000 to scan, prep, and upload my entire comics oeuvre, including Nina’s Adventures and Fluff. Under a Creative Commons Share Alike license, of course, so everyone can see, share, use, and build on them.

The Library is looking for…

$7,000 for Digital Content Creation to digitize a collection of the original comic strip art boards of Nina Paley, an Urbana-born cartoonist and animated filmmaker, whose award-winning animated film Sita Sings the Blues was reviewed by Roger Ebert as “astonishingly original” and selected by him for screening at Ebertfest 2009 in Champaign.
Her cartoon series include Nina’s Adventures (self-syndicated) and Fluff (distributed internationally by Universal Press Syndicate).  Nina’s Adventures was a semi-autobiographical, often experimental, alternative weekly comic strip that delivered incisive commentary on consumerism, overpopulation, and other social issues.  Ms. Paley is interested in making her artwork openly and freely available for distribution and reuse.
If interested please call the Library: (217) 333-5683


Gained in Translation

A succinct description of my copyright issues from an Estonian blog“showing the ass and the bureaucratic world is in places.”

Sita Sings the Blues is an interesting project. Namely, the film has a good standing for the preparation of Nina Paley Free Culture Movemendi ie maakeeli supporter of the free culture movement, and hence it calls for free to see their movies and others to show. Who has Ninale may want to donate money in your account, but it is not mandatory. Muusikamaailmas is such a free offer their own popularity to gather in silence. It seemed okay, for example, whether the move indiefilmid legally allalaetavateks. Who can be a very jamada to read a film Sita Sings the Blues also legal to write DVD-only 100% after a conscientious must pay royalties to the songs for the movie sound. The fact that some companies have a song from one of 27.5% and 19.25% U.S. soil in the world, showing the ass and the bureaucratic world is in places. Ah, who see the movie Home of the interest-

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Rishi shirt design

UPDATE: per suggestion, same design in off-center position on shirt:


Hopefully this wraps up my “Phase I” shirt designing spree. I just need to know whether y’all prefer the Rishi (or is it Valmiki himself?) just standing there, or playing the violin. And whether you’d buy, or at least desire, either one.



These puppies are 4 color, so they’re middle-expensive. I’m not certain, but I’m estimating 1-color shirts to be about $20, 3-color $25, 6-color $30, and totally fancy-pants with multiple colors and metallic/foil inks (like the phonograph) maybe $35. That’s my educated guess.