Rishi shirt design

UPDATE: per suggestion, same design in off-center position on shirt:


Hopefully this wraps up my “Phase I” shirt designing spree. I just need to know whether y’all prefer the Rishi (or is it Valmiki himself?) just standing there, or playing the violin. And whether you’d buy, or at least desire, either one.



These puppies are 4 color, so they’re middle-expensive. I’m not certain, but I’m estimating 1-color shirts to be about $20, 3-color $25, 6-color $30, and totally fancy-pants with multiple colors and metallic/foil inks (like the phonograph) maybe $35. That’s my educated guess.


11 thoughts on “Rishi shirt design”

  1. Personally, I prefer the one playing the violin (as it is one of my favourite moments from the Annete Hanshaw musical numbers)

    Incidentally, in my experience, black shirts always require an extra colour: that is, an extra layer of white at the base before applying the rest of colurs over it, otherwise the colours get “sucked” by the fabric and don’t look as good.

    However, I’m talking about a 15-year old experience, and maybe right now there are thicker inks which don’t require the white layer in the base. Ask your serigraphist first in case of doubt, otherwise he/she might say “oh! I had to put an extra layer of colour” and rise the final price without earlier warning.

  2. All of your designs are FABULOUS and ALL of them will sell if you can get them to us .
    The problem is that the initial outlay for You is Large, the set up and inventory and your distribution will be a headache, especially if you want to extend your REACH Globally

    I tried to contact you via your yahoo id, but recieved no reply.Please contact me, I have come up with a CREATIVE solution that will address ALL of the problems associated with getting these to market..Im ready to do it for you…..

    and by the BTW….I absolutley LOVE YOUR WORK !

  3. Thanks! Already have a plan – using an order fulfillment place that also does printing, warehousing, and customer service. E-store should be live by next week.

  4. As long as you’re doing the big off-center rishi, how about doing a wrap-around, one Rishi on the front being followed by the second on the back. I’ll take two.

  5. Dear Nina,
    I am as of about an 1 hour ago, a devoted fan and follower. I cant seem to find an email address where i can mail you (maybe im just hung over with sita’s blues) but I would like to talk to you about doing a film for us (see me going backwards in the convo?) Us means Walkwater, a production company. We looove your stuff and want to do a movie. Dont get me wrong, i may be using big words but we’re just a bunch of 25 yr olds (ok, on an average) who have financing from one of the biggest daddies of Bollywood. Do reply to me. Cant wait for you to do something for us.
    -Neha Rakesh

  6. I’m not entirely sold yet on this character on a shirt, but I love love the larger, off-center placement. I think that that’s an area you should keep looking in to! Too many shirts just have the image/text centered at the top. You can get much more interesting shirts by either making the image very large, moving it somewhere other than top-center, or both.

    In short, love the placement, but I probably won’t buy a shirt with that particular character.

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