Now that I’m a full-time free culture activist, some have expressed the concern, “You don’t think there should be any copyright at all!  You want to take away my right to protect my intellectual property!”

Let me assure you this is not true.

I completely support your right to copy-restrict your works. The more you copyright (restrict access to) your work, the more wide-open the field is for free culture like Sita Sings the Blues. Open-licensed work has a tremendous competitive advantage over copy-restricted work. So by all means, please “protect” your “property.”


See you on the other side of success!


Copying Isn’t Theft

UPDATE: can anyone arrange this as a show tune? I originally heard it in my head as a show tune, but I’m musically illiterate. See the growing links list of awesome covers here.

Feel free to remix, re-record, or otherwise re-make this song so I can animate to it.Full interview on


Sita Subtitles needed!

We need Sita subtitled in as many languages as possible!

See the Subtitles wiki page.

Attention subtitlers:

If your subtitle files are ready before the upcoming DVD is mastered, we will include them on the upcoming “official” DVD. The DVD will be authored the week of March 23, 2009. Thanks!