Copenhagen so far

A quick update from abroad: This NATFILM festival is sweeeet. Copenhagen is possibly the most beautiful city I’ve ever visited – sorry other cities, but the medieval architecture here wins my heart. I just saw Guy Maddin’s fantastic new film “My Winnipeg,” which I missed in Berlin. Guy Maddin is one of the few filmmakers I can honestly call inspiring. Unfortunately he couldn’t attend NATFILM in person. But I did get to meet John Sayles and his partner Maggie and a bunch of really nice Danish film people at a superb homecooked dinner in a palatial (literally, in a palace) apartment here. Sweet, I tells ya.

“Sita” screens at 3pm tomorrow at Empire Bio. If you’re reading this and in Copenhagen, please come! We can hang out afterwards. NATFILM is nothing if not intimate.

Photos after I return next week.


Tootin’ the NYT Book Review

Today’s New York Times Book Review contains an article on Sarah Boxer’s Ultimate Blogs, with this to say about the blog you’re reading now:

“I also liked being taken off the beaten path and into a blogger’s area of obsessive, esoteric interest. In the case of the cartoonist-blogger Nina Paley, it’s the Sanskrit epic poem the “Ramayana,” which cast its spell on her as her marriage fell apart in Trivandrum, India, to which she’d moved in the first place because her husband had taken a job there. (Her blog posts and drawings document her attempt to create an animated feature based on the “Ramayana” but told from the point of view of Sita, the subjugated wife of the epic’s hero, Rama.)” [link]

What can I say but, ‘w00t!’?


Wimmyns Side of Sex

This Saturday, fellow indie animatrix Signe Baumane is presenting a program called Women’s Side of Sex, including a clip from Sita. She and I and one other filmmaker will be present to answer questions and further embarrass ourselves.

Saturday March 22, at 8pm
at Millennium Film Workshop, 66 East 4th street
information: 212 673 0090
$8 admission

Seven seasoned in animation, sex and relationships women are going to share their sex/love stories with you :

Nina Paley
Debra Solomon
Brook Keesling
Ruth Lingford
Joanna Qiunn
Lisa Yu
Signe Baumane

Here’s my friend Will Franken presenting a similar program (NOT SAFE FOR WORK):


Sita’s Tribeca Screening Times

Friday, April 25, 8:15 pm, AMC Village VII
Sunday, April 27, 3:45 pm, AMC 19th Street East
Monday, April 28, 10:45 pm, AMC Village VII
Thursday, May 1, 1:45 pm, Village East Cinemas
Friday, May 2, 3:00 pm, AMC 19th Street East

AMC Village VII (AV7)
66 Third Avenue (at 11th Street)
New York, NY 10003

AMC 19th Street East (A19)
890 Broadway (at 19th Street)
New York, NY 10003

Village East Cinemas (VEC)
181 Second Avenue (at 12th Street)
New York, NY 10003

I’ll be at the first 3 screenings for Q & A’s, but alas I must miss the last two (other Sita collaborators will be there to reprezent). April 30 I go to the Rochester/High Falls Film Festival, where Sita is an opening night film. Then I go straight to Stuttgart, Germany, for the International Trickfilmfestival, followed by the Flashconference/FMX. Whee!